Thursday, January 03, 2008

Well, he is back.

I was in the midst of going through my first few work emails of the new year, and the dreaded intern came through the door with reckless abandon. He extended his hand for some complicated handshake, that I was not yet up on, and he was smiling at me as if I was Santa Claus himself. Normally I would say that words could not properly capture how irritated I was, but I think I will give it a shot. From 9am when he initially walked in here, until about 10:30am when he finally settled his happy ass down, I was bombarded with conversation. He wished me a Happy New Year, I said thank you. He asked to see my pictures of the Xmas holiday, that just happened to be sticking out of my bag; he told me about his alleged girlfriend; and when the song Candy Rain came on my radio, he wanted to wax poetic about the greatness of the group Soul for Real. Then he proceeds to offer me a burned copy of the new Alicia Keys cd, because according to him, it is incredible. That offer had to violate some unwritten man law.

Finally, I got myself together, and I said to him, "Look, I didn't know you were coming today, but now that you're here, let's get some work done and try to cut down the small talk", and he looked at me funny, then he calmed down. I did learn however, that he allegedly lost the password to his gmail account, which meant he never got the email I sent to him. Initially I didn't believe him, but as the day went on, and he continued to kiss up to me, I actually think he never received the scathing document. This delights me to no end, because now I can actually work on my email a little more, and add a little more spice to it, because clearly it is still necessary. When he finally left around 4pm, he gave his customary handshake, and he left. I was caught off guard by his arrival, but no such thing is going to happen today. I devised a mini-packet of work he needs to get done between now and his departure on January 24th.

Clearly I was not consulted on whether he should return, and I won't be a total jackass to him because if nothing else, I pride myself on being professional(a total lie). But professionally speaking, I am going to work his ass like nobody's business, and then before he leaves I will verbally give him the speech that I emailed to him last summer. I can't have that man thinking its ok to slack off, leave people hanging, and then come back like nothing matters. I shall step off the soapbox now, as I think he has officially gotten under my skin.

I Put A Spell On You - Nina Simone

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lex said...

...and the plot thickens!

But dang Rashad...he aint even do nuffin yet! Poor kid. Can't you see that he's in love with you? Hence the clumsy overtures. but yeah don't leave your blog up. if he reads it his confidence will be in tatters lol