Monday, February 18, 2008

Michael Jordan turned 45 yesterday, and I cannot possibly convey to you how old that made me feel. I grew up on Michael Jordan's brilliance, and even though he has plenty of flaws off the court, I maintain that no other NBA player in my lifetime dominated the way MJ did. He was more fundamentally sound, he had more anger, he had more desire, and he had more natural ability than the players he faced. Dominique Wilkins jumped higher, Larry Bird had a better jumpshot, and Magic Johnson was a better passer, but no one had it all like Michael. So, in tribute to the man, I posted my favorite commercial from the mid 80s. Enjoy.

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle


lex said...

I had a thing for dominique wilkins.

And i think that for a while i was the only person NOT caught up in the MJ machine. Jordan and the bulls. The bulls and Jordan. I actively rooted against them, because every one was for them. I'm obtuse that way.

Plus i really really liked Karl Malone and jordan and dem bulls always bested the Jazz.

But wasn't until i got older that i really began to appreciate how brilliant of a player he was.

Miss Black River said...

MJ is 45??!! Dang - first LL turns 40 on me, now this.

Jo said...

Too funny! You gotta love Spike Lee . . . you took me waaaaay back with thatone! ;o) Back to School Daze . . .Days