Monday, February 11, 2008

There are some movies that come on cable from time to time, that no matter how many times you have seen them, you sit down and watch them like its the first time. For me, a lot of those movies involve Jack Nicholson who is on that short list of actors whose movies I will see no matter what(except for The Bucket List) which didn't look very good at all.) So yesterday, despite the fact that there were basketball games and Black History programs on galore, I repeatedly switched back to see A Few Good Men..specifically, the scene I have linked above. My boy Kevin basically knows that scene by heart, and its not just the "you can't handle the truth" line that makes it good. Its the intensity of both actors going back and forth. I still get a kick out of this 16 years later.

Yes I watched the Grammys last night, but I don't really have anything eloquent to say about it. I wanted Ledisi to win Best New Artist, but she lost to the juggernaut that is Amy Winehouse. I was happy that a jazz artist like Herbie Hancock was able to win a major award like Album of the Year, and I was even happier that Hancock took time to thank the jazz artists who came before him. Aside from that, it was kind of boring. I must be getting old.

Give It Up, Turn It Loose - En Vogue


Sha said...

kanye made it worthwhile for me..

tia said...

i didn't watch the grammies...grammys? but this en vogue joint is my jam.

lex said...

two things:
1. I love love love today's song. I daresay its my favorite en vogue jammy jam.

2. herbie hancock is that goodness. he was refined and elegant. a true gentleman. And how old is he? over 70 I'd hazard. I'm glad he won.

Jo said...

How did they keep from laughing during that scene? LOL!