Monday, March 31, 2008

Since I was tagged by her, and since she followed directions and did hers, I shall do a top 8 list as well, and my list will be entitled, "Top 8 mancrushes"

Now, every man has some kind of heterosexual crush on another man. My brother has a crush on Joe Budden. My father has a crush on the original Temptations, the media HAD a crush on Obama, now they switched to his pastor, and finally, Mr. John Madden has a SERIOUS crush on Brett Favre. None of these crushes are sexual(at least I don't think) these are simply men that we will fight for in an argument/discussion. I hope you can see the distinction, although I haven't done a great job in clarifying..anyway on to this list:

8)John Edgar Wideman. I discovered his books during my junior year at Hampton, and I was immediately hooked. I got my hands on every piece of literature he every wrote, and I just kept reading. I even did my senior thesis on this man, and 4 years after college I brought this senior this to him at a conference where he was speaking. I went up to him, shook his hand, and I asked him to read it and provide comments. Shockingly, I never heard back from him. My favorite book of his: Philadelphia Fire

7) Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I'm writing an article on him for another site this evening, so I don't want to give away too much. Just read the damn article on Wednesday.

6) Eric Roberson. January 20, 2006, a friend of mine came in town, and took me to one of his shows. I had heard of some of his earlier work, but I hadn't really been too interested in hearing his recent offerings. After hearing his performance on that day, I was hooked. I bought up every piece of music of his I could get my hands on, I used to make people listen (i still do this to my girlfriend), and I basically because a groupie. I would go to 4 or 5 of his shows a year, and one time(at band camp) while I was on lunch break, I saw him in a music store, and I shook his hand.

5) Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. One has a daily radio show, the other has a weekly chat online. One is on Monday Night football, the other covers the NBA for ABC/ESPN. They both write for the Washington Post, and they do a daily show on ESPN called Pardon the Interruption, and I don't miss ANYTHING they do. On Mondays, Michael Wilbon calls into Tony's show, and I'm in heaven when that happens. And it just so happens that they both can write, and their sensibilities jive with mine.

4) Bill Simmons. He has the job I want. He writes about sports. He does podcasts about sports. He submits columns about 3 times a week about any sports story that tickles his fancy. He's written a book about the Boston Red Sox and other things. And at times, he even lets his wife write his column for him. I try to make my girlfriend read and listen to everything he does, and I know its annoying, but frankly I don't care.

3)Ralph Wiley. He remains the best writer I have ever read. He passed in 2004, and I remember when I heard it on the radio, i cried like a baby. I met him one time, and in that 15 minute period he both inspired and challenged me to not only write, but to make sure people read what I had to say. His roots were in sports, but he wrote about social, political and racial issues as well. He died watching an NBA finals game with his wife, and nobody wants to die, but if you're going to go, there's nothing wrong with going like that. He has numerous archived articles on, and he's written numerous books.

2) Michael Jackson. You know how everyone was in love with Michael and his talent in the 80s and early 90s? Yeah well I'm still in that mode. He can do NO wrong with his music. What he does away from the music, I can't vouch for...

1) Mr. Tiger Woods. I didn't even care about golf before he came along. Now, whenever he plays, I am watching. If I can't watch, I check my phone or the internet to see how he's doing. I've read some of his books, I read all articles on him, and I even have a hat with his logo on it. When Tiger first won the Masters, he made a beeline to his father, and hugged him tight and I cried. When Tiger won his first tournament after his father passed, he broke down crying, and I was crying right along with him. But above and beyond all this crying business, the reason I like Tiger has to do with his dominance. He is by FAR the best golfer out there, yet he's never satisfied with his craft and I respect that.

That's it, that's the list.

Stan - Eminem


Anonymous said...

aww how sweet! *lol

Janelle said...

You didnt follow the rules mannnn. You were supposed to answer the same questions as she! Typical Black Larry David: do what you want and say you're following the rules! hahahahahahahahaa

Maybe I should post her questions instead of my original blog for today....what do you think???

rashad said...

I know I didn't follow the rules man, you ain't have to call me out all like that. besides, i like the list i came up with

Chubbs said...

Ahhh, you did it, and man-sized it. Me likes! And, Tony K., Tiger, and Michael J. are three of my crushes as well.

Chubbs said...

and Janelle, go for it! Let's keep the magic

lex said...

Rashad this was great. lol @ you being the dude you are and not doing the original top 8. :)

I too love PTI (courtesy of an old flame) and Jacko still rocks my bells.

your song choice was perfect - good job! :)