Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So yesterday when I got home from work, I decided that I would get started on this article I want to write on Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I put on my post work outfit of a t shirt and jeans(aka the Bruce), I got a tasty snack of Ritz crackers and hummus, I put on some Robert Glasper, and I proceeded to turn my laptop on and bang out the greatest words I've written about one of the greatest men I've ever known about. And nothing came to me. nothing at all. I mean sure I typed a few non-sensible sentences, but when I re-read them it sounded crazy. But considering it was only 6pm, I figured I had plenty of time, so I shut my laptop, and I got up and started cooking.

While I was in the kitchen, I tried to act like I was no longer thinking about writing, and I switched to loud rap music, but it annoyed me. The music was preventing me from thinking about the article, and rather than fight that emotion, I put jazz back on, and kept cooking and thinking, but to no avail. So I put that aside, and I ate dinner with my lady, watched a little TV, and I was hyped about getting back to the computer later on that evening. But when I sat back down, I had nothing, and at this point I was frustrated beyond belief. I started cursing at my laptop, I stomped away from my lady with the laptop thinking a lack of privacy was stopping my words, but none of it worked. This is when the smart ass in me started to rise up, and I became a pain for my girlfriend to be around..and it was all due to this writer's block.

Eventually I turned off the computer, poured me some red wine and whupped up on my girlfriend in a game of scrabble. I wasn't as frustrated, but I was still sad that my alleged wonderful gift or writing had failed me when I seemingly needed it most. At one point I said to myself, how is it I can use these words to win a damn game, but I can't string them together to write an article. But I decided to sleep on it, and I did, and about 9 minutes ago(or 12:32pm) I finished it. It still needs to be edited and all that jazz, but I finished and thank God. I haven't had writer's block since college, and even back then my parents were divorcing, so I was stressed and emotional. I'm neither now, so I was confused and verklempt about the block.

So why am I explaining all this? It took me this long to blog today, because I am using my blog as an escapegoat as Michael Scott would say. I wrote such a long detailed blog yesterday, that I was probably tapped out mentally to some degree (yeah I know its far fetched, but work with me). So today, I decided to forgo the blog until my little article was complete and it worked...I think, we'll see.

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lex said...

1. ritz and hummus. how effete...

2. i totally downloaded that hot robert glasper track. thanks!

3. im gonna need confirmation from your lady that you keep winning in scrabble. I mean, she's kicking your butt in the brackets but losing in scrabble? something is amiss. :)

4. ive heard people say escapegoat in real life. they are also the same folk that say "i second that emotion". unfortunately it doesnt have the same humor that it has on tv. :(

5. No block is whats up. im looking forward to reading your article.