Thursday, March 20, 2008

So today, like most people have experienced at one point or another, I am being held hostage. Some get held hostage by the cable companies, others are made to feel trapped via the phone company, and then you have people like me, who are held against their will by a furniture company. They told me that my new couch should be delivered some time between 8am and 1pm, and frankly I was mighty impressed that they were able to give me such a pinpoint accurate 5 hour period of time. So yesterday I had to tell my boss that I'd be into work somewhere between 8:30 and 1:30, and she gave me this look that said she didn't believe me at all. I know she thinks I'm taking off work, because the NCAA tournament starts today, and I want to stay home to watch games, but that is just a beautiful coincidence. On top of that, I am waiting for maintenance man to come fix a leak in my apartment among other things, so there will be all kinds of personal space violations this morning, which also means that I need to start writing down an entire list of small talk options, so I don't come off as a total anti-social idiot..which brings me to another point...

On Monday my groceries were delivered(yes m'lady and I get our groceries delivered but we are bourgie, or privileged, we're just lazy..there's a distinct difference). The groceries were supposed to arrive between 5pm and 7pm (now THAT's a window of time I can live with), but instead we get a phone call saying they will arrive closer to 8:30 pm. So the delivery guy strolls in my apartment lobby with the groceries, and as the transaction is being wrapped up, he asks my lady for a tip. I IMMEDIATELY wanted to say hell no, but my lady being the sweet woman that she is, said she'd go upstairs and get one. So me, the groceries, my lady and this delivery guy all went upstairs, and I REALLY didn't want him helping me carry them, but he brought his nosy ass right on up here. Now to me, the protocol is that you don't just walk in some one's house. But if you do, you keep your head down, shut the hell up and get out. This dude takes the groceries ALL the way in the kitchen, stands in my living room, comments about my laptop, and the proceeds to chat it up with me(I said nothing). Finally my lady came back with some cash, and he was on his merry way. The raw, immature side of me wanted to string together some gift wrapped expletives as he left, but again, I'm allegedly mature(see the naked mannequins below). Still, he was dead wrong...

You have exactly 2 and one half hours to join this pool. I feel like a pastor trying to get a new member here...we have 12 folks already..will there be another? Do you want to take that step? The details:

The group ID # is 60391
the group name is synchronicity
the password is : rashad

http://tournament. fantasysports. yahoo. com/

Let Me Be The One - Mint Condition


Bashful said...

Ok, ok, I am in. I just joined your fantasy League. You can now remove yourself from the Church of Fantasy Sports pulpit. Let the game begin.

lex said...

um i totally closed my eyes and pointed when it came to picking my teams...and it shows. :(

btw you are an anti-social mess. i thought i was bad lol

i mean you could have at least offered delivery dude some water. dang. lol

but yeah...what did he have to say about your laptop? im curious.