Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm in total denial about it being Monday morning, and I am in disbelief that my weekend has decided to leave me so abruptly. So rather than be responsible, and face my Monday like everyone else is probably doing in some way or another, I am going to act like its Sunday, and speak on what I would rather be doing this morning.

My ideal Sunday would start off with heavy rain and temperatures around 45 degrees with a slight breeze coming in from the screenless window that would open slightly(read that whole sentence in your best Maya Angelou voice). I would feel that breeze coming and remove one layer of blankets, as to feel it better. My lady would be in the nude right next to me, and of course I would have the immediate option of doing un-Godly things to her on the Sabbath, but I would pass on that for now, since she would presumably be sleeping. I would then get up to get the Sunday Washington Post(by the way, let me ruin this Sunday fantasy to say that I get my Sunday paper delivered, and someone stole all my inserts with coupons and the comic papers and don't appreciate that shit at all) and sit in front of yet another open window in another room to listen to the rain. I would grab the Sports section and read it cover to cover, and then I would sloppily put the Sports section back in the inside of the rest of neatly folded newspaper.

I would then grab the remote and watch a bit of CBS Sunday Morning. When I was younger my dad used to watch this show, and I used to marvel at Charles Keralt's voice. And even though he's dead now, and the show has a different host, I still like to peak at it every now and then.

So at this point, after I've read the Sports page, watched ESPN and Sunday morning, and listened to the rain, it would be about 10am, and I would be ready to "go back to bed". I'd slip back into bed, gently wake up my ladyfriend, and then I would do things that I am much too classy to type in the blog, until the NBA pregame shows came on about noon. THAT is how you spend Sunday morning, and those will be the images that get me through this dreary, Monday morning.

Sorry if I made anyone squeamish. It was either this, or yet another Monday morning Haiku.

Its Been You - Anita Baker


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sounds like someone has a case of the mondays...