Friday, May 16, 2008

I am starting to feel guilty when I don't write a little something in the blog, and I blame you, the customers. I read other blogs and they go 4 and 5 days without adding anything, and it never bother me. But when I attempt to do that on my own blog, I feel like an absolute slacker. There must be a way I can ignore that accountability and just not blog for a week or something.

I went to see the Roots and Erykah Badu last night, and neither one of them disappointed. I was a little disappointed that the Roots had to perform in front a half-empty arena, but it didn't stop them from putting on a great show. They performed old and new songs without missing a beat, and the both the band and Black Thought were on point as usual. By the end of their set, Constitution Hall was fully packed, but I could still tell that a large portion of the crowd was there to see Badu, not the Roots.

Badu was damn good. She sounds way better live than she does on her cds, her band was incredible(although i wish the Roots would have backed her), and her background singers complimented her perfectly. Badu started with songs off her new cd, and then she closed with older songs, and I loved them all. And, with apologies to my lovely girlfriend, I got several looks at Badu's was just aight The only down side of the night, was the hour intermission in between the Roots and Badu. Intermissions are for plays not concerts. They could have had a comedian come out there or something.

My lady and I then went to the afterparty, and proceeded to drink and dance the night away, which is why I am blogging at 7:40 pm and not am. It was good clean fun though.


asabi said...

being a everyday blogger is a blessing and a curse. everyone has their cross to bear. being addicted to cheesecake is mine. this is yours.

one soulful negro. said...

found your blog through another blog i frequent.
and to your blog i say good times!
with that said.

i am quite jealous about you going to see erykah and the roots. i told myself once they came to dc i'd go and here it is they came and went, but its all good. glad to hear the show was on point.

lex said...

u know whats weird? when you don't blog im like wtf is up with that...but at the same time, i'll go for days without writing. go figz.

Concert sounds like it was a good time. I hate when the venue isn't full though. I remember i went to see the roots and jill and everybody came to see jill, so when the roots did their set it was a half hearted response from the audience. boo.

sixfive said...

just aight? Your photo says otherwise...

I wanted to go to this, but wasn't tryin to pay $75 (x2).