Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It is truly amazing to me what threatening someone will get you in the world of customer service. As I have mentioned here before, I get the newspaper home delivered every Sunday; however, recently, the inserts of my paper have come up missing. The first weekend I just figured I was out of luck. The last two weekends, I have actually called up the Washington Post, and I asked them to re-deliver my inserts, but to no avail. So yesterday I called customer service, and asked them to cancel my subscription. I said that for all headache I've endured trying to get some damn inserts, I might as well go across the street and buy the paper for one fitty at the store. The guy gave me the standard, "Well sir I understand how that can be an inconvenience", and I wanted to say, "Do you really buddy?, but I took the high road like Denny Green. I asked them to cancel my subscription, and then all of a sudden, the customer service guy turned into Santa Claus reaching in his bag.

First he offered to reimburse me for the past 3 weekends, then he offered me two more weeks of free service. I said sir, all the free service in the world means nothing if I'm getting an incomplete product, but he vowed to rectify the sit-chi-ation. So this morning as I am trekking out of my apartment, what do I see? An early edition of the Tuesday morning paper, which is quite a shock, consider I only pay for Sunday. I must admit I was impressed..we'll see what happens Sunday though.

I have another item to add to the ever growing list of things guys cannot do together: Share an umbrella. Last Thursday, I was walking to a meeting in another building with my male co-worker, and I noticed the wind was wreaking extreme havoc on his cheap umbrella.. My umbrella was still working like a champ, and for a quick second, he looked longingly at mine. But then, he snapped out of it, and did his very best to fix his umbrella until we got to our destination. On the way there, some of our female co-workers were like, "Just get under Rashad's umbrella", and we both politely declined. I won't say that is ghey to share an umbrella, but it s a bit too familiar. My son and my dad have those privileges, but that's it.

I'll Never Turn My Back On You (Father's Words) - Terence Trent D'Arby


Anonymous said...

help a bro out! lol

asabi said...

thats funny. i was actually in the elevator yesterday and two guys were discussing how the mere use of a umbrella was kinda ghey in certain parts of the world. One guy was from Russia and the other from Poland. They were really "manly" looking...and wet.

Chubbs said...

three words: Terrance Trent D'Arby. Oh gosh--don't make fun of me, but I had the biggest crush on that skinny, braided-hair femme man back in the day. **turning a bright shade of red**

lex said...

ah you men and your rules.

but dude really should have borrowed an umbrella (eh-eh-eh) from your building. Usually every company/building has a few umbrellas on hand for its tenants. At least its been like that every place i've worked.

and yeah, sometimes you do have to get a little pleasantly peeved in order to get that good customer service. Please keeps us updated for sunday's big reveal. lol