Friday, June 20, 2008

As I walked into work this morning, I saw a homeless woman about 2 blocks from my job. She had bags and crates surrounding her, and she had on way too many clothes given how warm it is outside. Her hair was wrapped and in a scarf and she had glasses on, but the thing that stuck out most was the mirror and the makeup. This woman had one of this mini-mirrors that all women seem to have, and she was applying it to her face, as any non-homeless woman would. She didn't care who saw her, or how long it took, she was just methodically putting on lipstick, blush, and I am sure if I had stuck around long enough, I would have seen her full repertoire of makeup toys. I started to break out the camera phone, and snap a photo, but that would have cheapened the moment. She wasn't asking for money or begging for help, she only wanted to make sure she looked beautiful this fine Friday morning, and she did. I found it awfully inspirational. And now back to my regular complaining..

My son's mother lost her cell phone for the fifth time this year. I don't understand how one person (except for my former intern) can be so damn negligent that they lose their cell that many times. In fact, her carrier needs to revoke her privileges. When she loses HER phone, she borrows my son's cellphone that I bought for him, which is prepaid. I put about 500 minutes on that phone in February, and that system was working just fine for both of us. He only talked to me on that phone, and our convos never exceed 5 minutes anyway(we're men of few words), so that 500 minutes went a long way. His mother borrowed the phone on Monday, and by the time I attempted to call him yesterday, the minutes were gone. Now I have to put money on the phone just to speak to my son, and the his mother will continue to use the phone on my dime. I may just have to get him a regular phone, but I have no guarantees that she won't run up my minutes. This is reason number 4080 that he needs to be with me.


Janelle said...

Awww man I almost wished you had captured the beauty of the homeless woman applying her makeup despite her situation. Very Gordon Park-esque.

And you may want to look into those cell phones where there are only certain numbers you can call. They are supposedly very child friendly. And stops his mom from running up your shit! hahahahaha

one soulful negro. said...

i agree with janelle. to capture that woman would be very gordon park-esque, but even above that it would of been so inspiring. i get to work with man homeless and impoverished individuals at the non-profit i work at, but i have never seen anything like that. well i actually take that back, at my job we have a monthly senior's luncheon that my senior's will show out for and it is inspiring to see that despite hard times they will still be in their sunday's best.

i haven't been a reader of your blog long enough to know the entire back story of your son's mother so i wont make any comments. (i should probably do some back reading on past blogs of yours), but the situation seems quite fishing on her part. *smh*

Elle said...

you could buy a prepaid cell phone that allows you to choose the numbers your son can call. it would prevent your son from calling and receiving calls from anyone else besides the numbers that you approve - hence his mom can't use his phone to make her personal calls. my little cousin has a phone like that.