Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Even non-sports fans had to appreciate that Boston Celtics' victory last night. Grown men, who all season were giving the media b.s. answers about their emotions and feelings, were crying, yelling and finally letting it all out. Paul Pierce and Garnett were crying because of how long they had been labeled as players who would never win, and on this night, they did it. Doc Rivers was emotional as he thought about his father who had died during the season. Even Kobe, who is usually smug and condescending, looked like a lost little boy as he spoke after the game about the loss. It was just a beautiful worth staying up until 1:30am, and writing an article for.

The NBA draft is next week, and then basketball ends until late September. Sure there will be summer leagues and all that, but it isn't quite the same. I'll have to dive head first in my fantasy baseball leagues now.

This going to work later business isn't bad after all. I have time to eat breakfast before I leave home, get some sensual seduction, write, watch a full ESPN, and still be 5-10 minutes early for work. Great times. I am also not going to feel bad about writing unspectacular blogs, because based on what I've seen, that sure as hell doesn't stop other people. If I had a soundbyte of that diabolical Vincent Price laugh at the end of Thriller, I'd link it here.

I still haven't wrote about Tim Russert passing..its just sad man, and these aren't sad times for me. Instead, I will speculate about who should take his place. I think it should be the current NBC News White House Correspondent, David Gregory. He's young, he's has a bit of a rapport with important people already, and most importantly, he was under Russert's tutelage before he passed. Tom Brokaw would be my second choice, but he's like 239 years old(a year younger than McCain), and I doubt he could handle the daily grind.

If The Papes Come - A Tribe Called Quest


Miss Black River said...

I didn't think I was a Celtics fan until this series. Boston did the damn thang.

Anonymous said...

i love getting to work at 9..I have time to do all kinds of stuff before I have to be here.

Nichole said...

i work 9-6 and i hate it. i'd much rather come in at 8, even though i'm not an early riser, and be out at 5.

lex said...

i was so happy boston won i didnt know what to do with myself. And the look on kobe's face? Priceless.

KG was so emo i teared up myself. kudos to them.