Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I said I wasn't going to write about this, but I simply cannot help myself. In this new position I have taken, I have to share an office with an older woman. She was out all last week, but she is back with vengeance starting yesterday. Apparently she just had some type of surgery, so she's moving slow and complaining about every damn thing and its driving me crazy already. She talks to herself, burps loudly, warns me of other bodily functions that MAY happen, and her attitude is extremely negative and bleak. I have also learned that she lives with her blind mother who has Alzheimer's, and things have been hard for her since the surgery. I go back in forth between feeling insensitive to her plight, and just straight up being annoyed. It is just depressing man, for a quick second, I longed for my intern..I don't know, let me give this some thought. Even as I am typing this, she is reading something that's going on in the news, and I am ignoring her, yet she keeps right on talking. Are the working Gods punishing me for whipping ass on the metro yesterday? Am I being tested in some way? I need answers...and headphones.

I am sick of this Michele and Barack fist bump business. People in bars fist bump, people fist bump at their jobs, and lord knows athletes of both sexes fist bump all the time. I fist bump my lady all the time after sex, and that doesn't get a story on CNN or a seat on The View. It amazes me sometimes what the media chooses to focus on at any given time. If they want to do a service to this country, they should dig up a picture of her in a bathing suit or something. Now THAT is American.

I think I'm cranky today. I stayed up late with my brother, talking about life, hip-hop, and schools system, while sipping on wine. I should have saved that for the weekend...

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lex said...

Ok i think we officially have our intern replacement. I spoke too soon about "can i eat lunch with you?" chick. Your new office roomie is the chosen one.

I too am confused as to why this fist bump is such a big deal. Haven't people been knuckle knocking for years? I really can't fathom why its newsworthy.

You're just happy to have your brother nearby. When my sister comes back to visit from london, i plan on staying up all night talking to her. If i have to go to work with an attitude the next day, so be it.