Monday, July 07, 2008

I still cannot understand why in 2008, grown men(mainly black) walk around with do-rags on their heads. I could add cornrows to that list, but that may be harsh. I saw at least 4 dudes on their way to work this morning in outfits that ranged from business casual, to 3 piece suits, and they all had black do-rags on and they just looked horrible. Around the house, cutting the grass and playing basketball are all good situations for a little do-rag action. But en route to work in the morning, while you're walking down the crowded DC street? I don't think so..and I have had arguments with other men, who say I am being close-minded, and you don't judge someone by their appearance. Well I'm judging baby, and I think it shows poor taste.

I woke up yesterday morning at 9am to watch the Federer/Nadal tennis final, but it didn't start right away, due to the rain. So I got up, went to the barbershop around 11am, and I got updates on the tennis match via my lady and my cellphone, but the match still hadn't ended because of rain delays. As I headed home about 4pm, the epic match was STILL going on, and I rushed to get home, because they were in the fifth and final set..which had been delayed by rain as well. So at around 4:15, my lady and I sat down, and watch that incredible fifth set. Nadal and Federer played the best tennis match that I have ever seen in my young 33 years. At one point, my heart was beating as if I was on the damn court, that's how intense it was. So when Nadal won, and fell out like this, I knew exactly how he was feeling..somehwat. If you missed it, it'll be on ESPN Classic tonight at 7pm. It'll just take you 4 hours to watch it.

I don't want to dislike my office mate..I really don't. Its just not in my nature. But if you see me typing and eating an apple at the same time, chances are sky high that I don't want to talk to you right this minute. I do want to hear about your weekend and your love for Golden Delicious Apples, but damn let me get settled, let me blog, let me check my work emails, let me have the big piece of chicken..

Its going to be a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

i fought the urge to stay in bed this morning, and i've yet to have my coffee :( blah monday!!

GemEnigma said...

First of all, a dude wearing anything on his head other than a hat, to preserve the style underneath, is the equivalent of a woman walking around with curlers in her hair or just the scarf covering her wrap. It's a public hair fashion no-no, PERIOD.
Just my two cents. :-0

lex said...

Doo rags are horrible. As are:

oversized white tees
Capri Shorts
dingy beaters
and, im with you on cornrows. Let it go. This means you AI.