Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay's attempts to keep me grounded in Miami an extra day failed miserably, and I am now back in the comforts of my own semi-cushy apartment. The weather here in DC is sunny, warm and beautiful, as opposed to the rain and wind of Miami. I am not bitter at all, we had a great vacation, and now I am ready to resume with real life.

To ease the transition from vacation to real life, my apartment complex has decided to reward me with a new, non-leaky refrigerator. Exciting stuff isn't? Five minutes after I walked in from the airport, I had to empty my fridge of food, drink, condiments, and of course the lovely magnets. As I am typing this entry, three building maintenance men are in here wondering why I am staring at them intently. I am looking at them wondering why it takes three of them to do this damn job. I trust all of them enough to go back in my room until they are done, but I trust them more if they are in my face speaking Spanish at a 90mph clip.

I miss Miami..I miss it bad. Especially that baller ass room I was in..My lady and I gave serious thought to how we would negotiate a move down there. But it wouldn't really be for us, it would be strictly for the new baby, who deserves a warm, tropical life. Speaking of the baby, my lady is showing noticeably, and I see men and women staring at her stomach. The reactions are typically the same. First they smile at her stomach, then look at her face and smile, and then they look over at me, and I have a middle finger waiting for them(kidding). But it is nice to see folks react to the bundle of joy that is on its way.

I suspect I am rambling badly. I shall put this entry out of its misery, and go back to apartment staff watching.


Miss. Lady said...

Yep! Yep! Watch them like a hawk man. LOL! I am glad you two had such a nice vacation.

Janelle said...

You know the maintenance guys were talking about you, right?? Next time, you should nod knowingly when they speak. I do that to everyone who speaks another language in my presence. It freaks them out! Especially my Korean pedicurist! hahahahahahahaha

Janelle said...

oh and glad you guys had fun on the vacay. Whatcha bring me back??? (don't you hate when people ask you that?! but for real, whatcha bring???)