Monday, August 11, 2008

I am 90% sure no one will really care about this entry, but me, its on my mind, so I am writing it.

I last got a haircut on July 29th, and it was a great one if I may say so myself. Usually I would get another one about 10 days later, which would have been right around Thursday or Friday or so of last week. But I'm headed to Miami on Thursday morning for a vacation, and it is absolutely imperative that I have the fresh cut, as opposed to rocking the Ron Artest. I have too much respect for myself, and my lady and my unborn child would surely leave and disown me.

But the problem is, in order for me to have that fresh haircut I so desire, I have to wait until the day before I leave for Miami to get it, which is Wednesday. So my beard is looking like this and I am dangerously close to an Artestian haircut. I thought about getting a shape up to hold me over, but who wants to pay $15(including tip) only to turn around and pay $23(including tip once again) just a few days later. That's ridiculous...or so I thought. I'm still two days away from the barber, and I feel like I've been stuck on an island for 2 months.

Adding to this problem, is the fact that I have switched barbers for the 2nd time in 2 years. I found a barber that is 5 minutes from my apartment, and that my friends is golden. My old barber is about 30 minutes away from me, and between getting back and forth, and watching him waste time, it was a 2 hour ordeal. Now I can just walk to the barber and walk home without any problem. But my new barber hasn't been faced with the "I'm going out of town" haircut yet, and I am worried that he may not be up to the challenge. My old barber passed this test over and over, so I never had any worries. I think I'll be ok. I can always cut all my hair(beard included)if he messes up..although I think this is in direct violation of the all black men must have facial hair movement. I'm rambling horribly.

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Miss. Lady said...

Rashad you can't cut you own hair and trim your own beard?

rashad said...

I am a diva who needs to be pampered, so I pay folks for that.

Miss. Lady said...

LOL! Ok, I understand that.

£ex said...

lol basically what you're saying is that you're woofin, and all this back story you're offerin is a way of copping pleas? mhmm :P

Its interesting to note that you gentleman go through the same dilemmas that we ladies(i guess i should say me - i can't speak for all) experience. When i go away i like my hair to be nice, so i stay scheming to make sure its fresh for my departure. One time my stylist went on maternity leave the week before i needed her. The nerve! lol

@ any rate i'm sure you'll figure it out. As long as your barber(whomever you choose) doesn't make you look like a 12 yr old, (a la jerry) you should be just fine © mary j.

rashad said...

no plea coppin, although I am woofin something terrible. and if i come out with a jerry cut, i will be wearing a kufi in miami

Anonymous said...

Just get ya haircut today and call it done...i never go outta town fresh fresh..just in case something goes wrong with the gives it a few days to settle before leaving town.