Saturday, August 30, 2008

So the Republican National Convention is going to take place in Minnesota, while Hurricane Gustav prepares to hit New Orleans almost 3 years to the day that Katrina hit. Those are some peculiar circumstances coming together. If I worked for the Bush administration, I would be going overboard to make sure that New Orleans and the surrounding areas are taken of while this hurricane is in that area. I would take money earmarked for something else, and transfer over to the Hurricane Gustav fund, and I would name this Operation Not Again, or something catchy like that. Each and every person in that area, would be safe. And then to top of it off, during the convention, I would have all the speakers mention this operation, and basically pat themselves on the back. Its a win-win. I highly doubt that would happen, but someone needs to see to it that it doesn.

McCain just stole all of Obama's thunder yesterday with that Sarah Palin for VP move. The Thursday night newscasts were all about the historical significance of Obama and his speech ,and less than 12 hours later, everyone was saying, "McCain did what?", "Sarah who?". I wish I could take an informal poll among jilted Hillary voters, to see how many are no swayed to vote for this woman, despite her very anti-Hillary views. All of sudden the Republican convention on Monday has become must-see television.

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