Sunday, August 17, 2008

When I was about 5 or 6 I was thrown into the water during a pool party, and I very nearly drowned. I have taken swim lessons since then, but I don't do too well with them because as soon as I lose any semblance of control, I start to panic and I want to get the hell out of the water. I am not scared of many things, but the pool/ocean definitely shakes me the hell up and always has.

In the past 24 hours, I have cleared two mental hurdles that have me feeling a little better about this water phobia. I went deeper in the ocean than I ever had before and I felt pretty damn good about it. The sea was angry because of the upcoming hurricane, so not only was I in deep waters, but the waves were high, and I was being knocked around. Still, I held my own.

And last night, around 1am, I went to the hotel pool and had swim by myself. Sure there was one other couple out there basically having sex in the water, but they were paying me no mind as I flailed around in the water solo. I still don't like going in deep water, and I certainly won't be entering any swim competitions, but this a start.

No nudity on the beach today. Just some clown ass dudes with a video camera filming every woman in sight..this one dude tried to film my woman, and I sat right about, and said some confrontational shit, although no one paid me any attention. Five minutes later, I realized this dude had about 8 other bros with him, which meant I would have caught the beat down of life had I tried to fight. Still, he must have got the point, because he kept the camera away from her. As creepy as it can be, I don't mind someone videotaping breasts and ass on the beach..but you can't do that if that if some one's woman or man is sitting right there. Or maybe I'm being naive who knows..

I'm rambling...

And since it is Sunday, I will end the blog with an inspirational word from Eddie Murphy:

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Bombchell said...

gosh it would be so annoying to have some guys videotape you an a beach, ugh.

lol gross, at the couple beside you in the pool. lol cant believe u kept swimming ha ha.

congrats on conquering most of your fear =)