Saturday, September 27, 2008

Against my better judgement, I watched the presidential debate last night, and I can honestly say that I was thoroughly bored. The American public has been listening to these men speak for more than a year, and the debates honestly sounded like more of the same. They evaded questions, they skimmed over the details of this buyout, and the Mr. Lehrer was boring and easily manipulated. I would not be at all upset if these two did not debate again. Here are my other debate observations:

-John McCain may be old, outdated and slow in some aspects of this presidential process, but he is a skilled debater. He knew how to smirk and be dismissive of Obama's comments, he frequently drowned out Obama's response, and he came off like a parent debating his child. For a man who almost cancelled the debate, he looked damn good.

-Obama came off as composed, diplomatic, but he looked like a punk in some instances. Debates are rarely about the meat and potatoes of an issue, they are mostly about perception and surface level b.s. How does one look? How does on sound? Who seems to be in control? From that standpoint, Obama lost to McCain in my opinion. Still, Obama does not get angry, does not get flustered, and he damn sure doesn't start off each and every response with a 40 year old story. So from that standpoint, he wins.

-I do not care how the Republicans spin it this morning, it looked absolutely terrible when Joe Biden was everywhere after the debate, and Palin was nowhere to be found. McCain's numbers would have been boosted exponentially if Palin was on tv fielding questions and supporting her candidate. The Republicans seems to be mollycoddling her, the way Coach John Thompson used to do his freshman basketball players at Georgetown back in the day. His freshman players were not allowed to speak to the media directly. Coach Thompson would speak for them until they were sophomores. His reasoning? Freshman cannot handle the weight of the media during their first year of school, because they need to focus on school and basketball. Palin does not appear to be able to handle the magnanimity of this situation, so she speaks only after having been thoroughly beef. Enough political talk.

The reason I am up at 9am on this Saturday, is that I had a dream about Afghanistan of all places. I had a dream that more troops had been deployed over there, and all of the major networks were there as the plane landed. As soon as the plane landed, there was major gun violence and American and Afghan soldiers, as well as news reporters and cameramen were killed on live tv. But at no point did the network I was watching, stop the cameras. They showed live gun violence and death on live television, and as incredulous as I was, I didn't dare turn away from what I watching. I abruptly woke up, and said to myself, "What the hell did I just witness?"

enough talking.


soft and subtle said...

Yes, Obama won the debate and try not to let McCain get to your dreams; he has you all shook up. Lol Lets just hope your dream doesn’t manifest.

rashad said...

You think he won? If so what was the rubric?

soft and subtle said...

Obama won in all catagories discussed. McCain gave history lessons and stumbled on facts. In addition, he never looked his opponent in the eye or acknowledged the attending audience.

£ex said...

your observations were on point. i feel the same way, but i wasn't even going to try to articulate it. You did that for me. Thanks twin!

um and your dream sounded nightmarish. i think you better start monitoring what you eat before you go to bed. lol

Arlene said...

I'm a little behind in this post, but as a child of segregation/jim crow, I think McShame's whole demeanor was disgraceful and bigoted. He never once made eye contact with Barack.
I don't buy the excuse he gave to George Stephanopolous yesterday, that he was concentrating on writing his notes. His coded body language and zero eye contact was so prevelant during the jim crow era. Message: "Look at this "darkie", folks speaking to me." He's not my equal. Blacks back in the day, were conditioned to not make any eye contact with whites. If they did, their lives were threatened or even taken.

For me,I don't care if he did adopt a brown baby. John McShame is a complete LOOSER!