Friday, September 26, 2008

If you look at the picture above very carefully you will notice three briefcases. There is one on the table, one in the chair, and one to the left of the chair. Three briefcases. This exercise in excess is brought to you by one, yes one man, who I work with.

The shiny white object in the picture is the refrigerator, and since mid June when I first started at this job, I place my lunch in there each and every morning. Every day since then, I notice there are three briefcases in one area. The gentleman who works in this area is courier, and he is rarely at his desk. His primary job is to deliver mail and packages between buildings, and he does this with great aplomb. Still, I cannot understand why he needs all these damn bags. Two of the bags(the one in the chair, and the one on the floor) have not moved since I started working at this job. The one you see on the table is the one he carries to and fro to work. I asked him one day if he had a laptop in any of those bags, and he said no, and that made this situation all the more confusing.

I carry ONE bag to and fro work, but I can tell you exactly what I have in there. I carry a microphone in case I roll up on an interesting interview, I carry this book
, I carry a pen and pad, and I carry my rhymes that I write on a daily basis(yeah right). At no point in my 12 years in the working force, did I ever feel like just one bag was holding me back in any way. Clearly this gentleman I work with feels like three bags are needed to truly represent what he's about. I let it slide for two months, but this week it especially bothered me. I could see if one bag had gym clothes, another had a laptop, and the third has his rhymes..then I'd excuse this bag-o-rama. But I have a sneaking suspicion there is nothing in any of these bags except Ritz crackers, condoms, and receipts from Starbucks, and that is simply unacceptable.

Someone reading this is saying to themselves, "Rashad, why do you even care?" And I don't have an answer. It's just annoying, and what good is a blog if you cannot write about such mundane topics?


Anonymous said...

they look like laptop bags tho. what if they are?

Chubbs said...

maybe he's moonlighting as a stock broker or an attorney. And the third one is to freak you out and make you think he's got weapons of mass destruction inside.

£ex said...

lol @ ritz crackers

allz im gonna say is that you need to come up with an escape plan so when homeboy finally goes postal you can get out alive...and blog about it.