Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think I may have started something in my office. As I was finalizing my transition from shared to solo office, my now ex-officemate asked me a question. She asked if she was a bad officemate, and was that why I was leaving. I told her that a solo office opened, and I wanted it, which is mostly the truth. What kind of person passes up a solo office, in favor a shared one? I didn't think it was that big of a deal, and I damn sure didn't think she would take it personally. However, at the end of her work day, she said goodnight to everyone in that office except me. I did not get a wave, a terrorist fist bump, a high five, a head nod or anything like that. Now me being the man that I am, I always say good morning and good night to everyone in the office, because that is polite, and I exude good manners 24/7. And each and every day since I have been working in that office, she says goodnight to me, so her failure to do so on this day stuck out like a sore thumb.

Part of me wants to tell her in more detail why I moved. If I were to attach a numerical value to that part of me it would be about 2%. The other 98% of me knows that is a job, not a social outing, and above and beyond the small talk, the outings, and pleasantries, its all about the work. And since this move frees me to up to be more productive at my job, I know I made the right move. Plus the new guy officially starts tomorrow and he's closer to her age, so maybe some fireworks and flirtation will jump and get her feeling spry and randy.

Wednesday morning I have my first full physical since January of 2007 and I am a bit nervous. I know I'll get blood drawn, and my personal habits will be scrutinized, but what I fear most is the dreaded prostate exam. I have to bring it up, because there are members of my family who have prostate cancer, and I know I am at risk. But as a man, you just never get used to your doctor bending you over the table, KYing his gloved fingers up, and violating you for 30-45 seconds. Do I know it will possible save my life yes? Do I respect doctors and their methods yes? Do I hate when people string together rhetorical question without letting me get a word in edgewise? hell yes. Do I know what edgewise means? no.

Brown - The Roy Hargrove Quintet
This is a great, great jazz song. It sounds like the type of song Spike Lee would put in his movies when someone is sliding along. It is on Roy Hargrove's new cd entitled, Earfood I suggest you buy it, then clean, have sex, or just think to it. you wont be disappointed.


JazzBrew said...

Earfood is a great recording. I hope the folks reading your blog check it out.

I need to get a physical as well. I'm 40 but have yet to have a prostate exam. It doesn't run in the family and I'm wondering what age they start checking. Not looking forward to it.

You would think with all the technology they have now and days there would be a less intrusive method for checking... I mean damn...

£ex said...

the thought of a prostate exam makes *my* prostate hurt and i don't even have one!

anyway i feel sad about your ex officemate. Is it possible that she reads your blog? OR that someone who reads your blog has told her that she was a catalyst in you wanting to get your own space?

either way i hate that kind of not-really-tension-tension @ work. Cuz its like how do you even address such a thing? "hey...i noticed you didn't say wave goodbye..." it sounds and looks so lame. So on it goes, with each party feeling more uncomfortable until complete apathy develops.