Friday, October 03, 2008

So, I watched the debate and the predictions I made yesterday were not totally off the mark. Palin did not win, but she exceeded the painfully low expectations she created for herself, by coming off as semi-competent. Allow me to demonstrate:

Gwen Ifill - What is your stance on when we should use nuclear weapons

Palin - Gwen, we should use them. But can I talk about the giraffes I saw in Alaska? Obama and Biden have not seen them, and frankly, they cannot be mavericks like McCain and I until they have.

Palin repeatedly dodged questions, and hyped up Alaska, like she was still running for governor. She resembled a student who had crammed the night before, and was eager to use ALL of the info they learned in a limited amount of time. I thought Biden was decent, and specific, but at times he seemed to be pushing his agenda ahead of Obama's, which isn't surprising given his behavior leading up to this debate.

At one point during the debate, I stopped and asked myself a series of rhetorical, yet pointed question, "Why am I watching this?" "What if Palin has to take over the presidency?", "When will Gwen Ifill get a new hairdo?", "Does Joe Biden want to sleep with Palin" get the point. Besides, the passing of this new bailout bill pretty much upstages any momentum either party has, which is how I like it. Enough politics, I am boring myself.

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