Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Some Tuesday musings..

If you have children, or if you have sibling under 18, or a nephew or a niece, or if you are in some type of mentoring program, you should take that child to see the movie, The Express, which is a story of the short life of Ernie Davis. Kids today don't always know what it means to have to struggle, fight, and work hard to achieve, and maybe that's a sign of progress. Still, it never hurt a kid to see an inspirational story, and you throw in a bit of sports, you got yourself a damn good movie experience. I'll be taking my son this weekend.

I really wish there were some type of athletic event on the telly tonight, so I would not feel compelled to watch the 34th presidential debate. It would be different if I thought the current economy was going to be the star of tonight's proceedings, but I know there will be snark, cynicism, smirks and personal attacks. It's the equivalent of Terrell Owens bitching and moaning about his catches, when the bigger issue is the team's loss and their overall record. You'd think by now, candidates would understand that personal attacks may get you minor points in the polls, but overall it turns folks off. I don't know who the moderator is tonight, but whoever they are better do a good job of reeling both candidates in

De La Soul is one of my top 5 hip hop groups of all..period. My dad bought me 3 Feet High and Rising
on the way to journalism camp back in '89, and since then I have been hooked. And while they don't sell like the mainstream b.s. you hear on the radio now, they still release clever, thought-provoking music. So imagine my horror when they were honored last night on VH-1, and the first four rows(at least) did not know ANY of the words to De La's song. There were at least 5 songs done either by De La, or another group paying tribute to them, and the part of the crowd I saw, couldn't even fake mouthing the words. There is no excuse for that, especially when you are at a tribute show and you have planted your ass in the first few rows. Perhaps I'm throwing too much of a fit here, but I knew all the words dammit.

De La Soul - Stakes Is High:


JazzBrew said...

I'm not watching the remaining debates. Maybe the NFL channel will have some Rewind games queued up. Worst case I'll practice through the night. My mind is made up with regards to who I'm voting for. I've been disenchanted with politics in general (registered Independent) so watching the candidates behave like children isn't going to help me. I'm hoping my man Obama doesn't stoop to that level.

Stakes is High came out in 1996. 96?!? Wow. That was better than coffee bruh. If the hip hop community was still cranking out that type of quality work I may not be playing and listening to jazz as much as I do.

rashad said...

that was indeed '96. that song sounds like it could have just been released

Anonymous said...

yeah that was hilarious when the camera did a pan and folks were looking lost..but what was more crazy was they knew the words for cypress hill..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww..

JazzBrew said...

I'm sure you already found it but there is a Wizards/Mavericks game on. Jamison just went down with a strained knee. We don't need that right now...