Saturday, November 08, 2008

I do believe I was the victim of discrimination about two hours ago. I just played a flag football for an hour, and not ONCE was I thrown to. I went deep, I went short, I went intermidate, and the our quarterback (who was black) would look at me briefly, then throw to someone else. Sometime that other person was wide open, other times he seemed to be forcing the ball. At least 3 times I went up to him after a play, and said, "Man they are leaving my side wide open", and he did not throw my way. Even two of my teammates commented to me how wide open I was, but still, no catches, no throws my way. So now my mind is working overtime to figure out why he shunned me. I played one game back in September, and then I quit the team because my lady was having pregnancy issues. Then I came back for today's playoff game, and maybe he resented that..who knows. All I know is I got up good and early for this game, and the hardest I worked was when I did sprints prior to the game. Sons of bitches.

I did much better in my second game covering the Wizards. I'm not grading myself this time, I just felt better. Read all about it here.

Rachelle Ferrell - Waiting (live)

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Jazzbrew said...

This is when you're supposed to hold a press conference and talk to the press about not getting the ball. Tell them you're a play maker and things happen when the ball is in your hands. That seems to work for some people...