Monday, November 24, 2008

I was telling my lady before she left for work this morning, that I feel guilty for calling off work, particularly on a Monday. So many people are just tired and lazy, and calling off is the easy thing to do, and I usually avoid it like the plague. But the combination of sitting on a bar stool too long on Saturday night, with my already bad back, made yesterday and last night absolutely miserable. I couldn't find a comfortable sleeping position, the drugs I have here aren't strong enough, I have muscle relaxers here at my disposal, but I am scared to take those because of the side effects. The heating pad made my back feel great, but you can go to sleep with one of those on your back, so I got about an hour of sleep. I told myself I'd wake up, see how my back felt, and assess whether I would go in today. I woke up at 8, the back is still jacked up, so here I am with heating pad in tow, chilling on the couch. I have my initial physical therapy session on Wednesday, and my doctor seems to think that is the answer. My father suggested acupuncture, but whenever I think of that I think of that creepy hellraiser guy..

The worst part about this? I was just getting a bit of momentum with my workouts and all that, and now I'm grounded...again. Anyone have some lower back pain remedies?

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Jazzbrew said...

Sorry to hear your back is giving you problems. Your dad may be on to something - I've heard good things about acupuncture.

What is up with Andy Reid? I didn't agree with his move to pull McNabb when you were only down 3 points. If that game was in Philly the boos would have been deafening... especially after that 108 yd interception return.

Jazzbrew said...

Man... just heard Eddie Jordan was fired... I'd love to hear your thoughts on that here or on Hoops Addict. I can't believe they did it.

Anonymous said...

i cant sleep on my back..the small of my back doesnt touch the bed.. if i do sleep on my back..i'm jacked

Janelle said...

I sometimes sleep with those icey hot pads on my back. Its like sleeping with a heating pad that sticks to you.

Uh yeah, let me know how the accupunture works for you, buddy. lol

Chubbs said...

One word: Yoga.

I have back problems, and working out has been the only thing to keep them in check. There's likely no cure...but weights and yoga have helped a great deal. And occasionally a nice massage.

And listen to your dad--I've heard great things about acupuncture...not only for the back, but for migraines, hay fever, you-name-it.

Miss. Lady said...

Sorry the only pain remedies I know of are 4 Motrin and hot compresses or if you know anyone that has some left over percocet... yeah that will take the pain away alright.

When I went to PT for my back they uses a lot of hot compresses, massages to loosen the muscles and some light exercices.

Good luck and I hope you feel better.