Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you live in DC or if you visit the area and you would like to take yourself or whoever you're with to a nice dining establishment, I highly suggest a restaurant called Nora's. I took my lady there for dinner last night, and I was highly impressed with all aspects of it. The service was impeccable, the waiter (who looked like a ghey Gilbert Arenas) was extremely helpful and detailed with his descriptions of the items on the menu. And the food, which was marketed as organic, was both filling and light if that makes sense. And to top it off ,the after dinner drinks (although they were expensive as hell) were perfect. Noras is definitely not the kind of restaurant you'd visit monthly, but if you want to treat yourself to some fine organic food, I highly recommend it. If you do decide to go, when you leave, you can walk one block to my apartment, and my lady and I will more than happy to accept the extra plate of food you brought us.

The NCAA tournament starts in about 2 hours, so if you haven't joined my pool, I really would appreciate it if you did. The details are below:

Go here
The groupID is 65718
the group name is Synchronicity
the password is rashad

By the way, I think my son heard my lady and I having, but I can't prove it, but I'm dying to ask him if he heard anything. My lady asked me not to write about this, but I just had to get a sentence in, because I think its hilarious. My lady thinks we're horrible people, but come on, what kid hasn't heard that at some point?

Sly and the Family Stone - You Caught Me Smilin Again


Anonymous said...

Wow! My husband took me to Nora's for my Birthday. The food was great, service impeccable and as an added bonus, they printed "Happy Birthday" with my name on the menu.

Also, I liked (no LOVED) the fact that they are "Green": organic food, biodegradable bags and take-out boxes.

Jamal said...

No comment on the last paragraph. I have been there son.