Sunday, April 12, 2009

I finally cancelled my subscription to the Sunday Washington Post this morning. Last week I had no inserts, and this morning, there was no paper and there were no inserts. The whole reason I started getting it delivered was so I could wake up, and get the paper, without ever having to leave the comfort of my building. But the past two Sundays, I've had to wake up, look around my lobby, then step outside the building to make sure my paper wasn't possibly hiding in the bushes. I calmly called the Circulation department, and asked them to cancel my service. Of course they dazzled me with promises that will ultimately turn out to be empty down the road, and I did not fall for it the way I did the other 4 times. So that ends that relationship.

So I went across the street to the drugstore and bought a Washington Post, but then I saw some intriguing articles in the New York Times as well, so I picked that up too. When I got to the counter, the gentleman rang up the Post, and it was $1.50 as I expected it to be. When he rang up the Times it was a whopping $5 even. I said to the man, "$5 are you kidding me?", and he said that was right. After I read this New York Times, I better be armed with a special kind of knowledge, because $5 is ridiculous. If the USA Today was $5, I'd understand it, because o their gratutious usage of color throughout their pages. In just a few short hours, I went from a convenient delivery service not appearing on my doorstep, to spending damn near $7 on two newspaper purchases. Unbelievable.

So naturally, my next move is to call the New York Times, to see what kind of sweet delivery deals I can get.

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Miss. Lady said...

Mannnn, the newspapers are struggling and I suppose the New York Times is going to make you pay for the financial struggle.