Friday, April 10, 2009

I was running late this morning, which means I was forced to take the dreaded train into work. I try to avoid the train, because the crowds force me into situation I'm not comfortable with..i.e..smashed genitals, smelling someone ones underarms, and just repeated violations of my personal comfort zone space. So for that reason, I usually take that 20 minute walk into work. The good part about taking the train is that I usually have some good blog material to choose from. Today is no different.

Even though I was late, I was in an unusually good for undisclosed reasons, and whenever that happens, I make sure to choose a song on my IPOD that will maintain if not enhance my good spirit. On this particular morning, that song was the 1995 hit Runnin' by the Pharcyde. I know all the words, the beat is infectious, and when turned up loud, it just makes for a damn good experience. While I was outside and the music was loud it was no problem, but as soon as I stepped on the train, this lesbian couple(nothing to do with the story, I just noticed them kissing, mildly groping and hugging) stopped what they were doing and rolled their eyes. Now I saw this but I ignored it because my train ride is a grand total of 3 minutes (two stops) and surely they'd get over any mild inconvenience they may be feeling. Not so much.

The bolder woman of the two waved her hand in the air to get my attention, and I removed one of my headphones and the following conversation went down

Her: *waving her hand*
Me: *removing one headphone* Good morning!!
Her: Good morning, um, you're music is like really loud, would you mind turning it down a bit?
Me: Yeah I would
Her: Excuse me?
Me: Yeah its Friday, I'm feeling good and the next stop is mine so I'll be out of your hair soon
Her: Well that's fucking rude
Me: More rude than you groping your girlfriend's breast a few minutes ago
Her: That is love first of all, and I doubt anyone was looking except you
Me: Hey well I love this song so, we're even right
Her: Whatever

And then my stop came, and I told the lesbian lovers to have a great day and a Happy Easter, and the one who was being groped gave me the middle finger. And THAT is why today is called Good Friday.


Miss. Lady said...

LMAO! I love it!

maxwellsmusze said...

well that's fucking rude is your middle name. HAHA! she ran into the wrong one this morning. i guess you looked like a reasonable man to her. boy was she wrong.