Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The last time I did some serious shopping was back in November when I visited the vast outlet malls in Williamsburg, Virginia. At the time, I'll say I weighed between 212 and 215 lbs (I'm 5'9), and I wasn't necessarily fat, but I was pudgier than I should have been, so I was buying sizes that I had never even dreamed of wearing before. My fragile ego chose to blame my weight gain on the fact that my back was bad, and I wasn't able to workout as regularly as I usually would. In reality, it was my less than stellar diet that was the problem. Anyway, I bought a great deal of clothes that weekend, and they had served me just fine until very recently.

If you've been reading my other blog, you know that I have been working out much more regularly as of late. I've been running, swimming and playing basketball for the past 2 months, and my weight is down to 196 and its getting lower by the minute it seems. I feel healthier, my face is a lot less chubby, and I want to have sex 25 hours a day, so something is working. BUT the downside is that my clothes are getting progressively baggy. Pants that used to straddle the line between hugging and fitting, are not just plain baggy, and it is starting to look like I raided Shaq's closet for clothes. At first I tried to ignore, but now I'm pulling my belt tighter, and I'm noticing pants and shirts that are fitting much differently.

A lot of love and care went into picking those clothes in November, and since I don't like shopping, that was a big deal to me. Now I have to do some significant shopping, and I'm dreading it. Do I wait a little longer to see where my weight eventually bottoms out? Or do I buy some clothes that fit now and anticipate the weight loss? Or do I do nothing, and keep acting like the clothes I am wearing now don't belong to the BFG?

I hate to end my entry on a sad note, but I came across this clip last night, and it just struck me as both sad and fascinating. Its a 9 minute clip that took place right after Mike Tyson's last fight. You can fast forward to the 2:42 mark of this clip, and watch until the 5:29 mark.


£ said...

first of all congrats on all the weight loss. Whats your secret? I'm thinking it doesn't include Popeyes chicken binges.

... or does it? :-/

I like shopping for clothes so i probably won't be of much help there, but to be honest i would probably buy clothes now. At least a few items. I mean how much more weight do you plan on losing? Actually it doesn't matter, whether its 5 or 25 more pounds, if your clothes aren't fitting, you cant go to work looking like a little kid who raided daddy's wardrobe. And pulling a belt tighter is never a good look. Men should NOT have hourglass figures. yuk.

Secondly, MEGA points for mentioning the BFG! one of my favorites by Roald Dahl. So hilarious.

Whizzpoppers! Frobbscottle! Snozzcumbers!

rashad said...

Well Lex, the secret is eating right, swimming and staying away from Chik-fil-A. And I LOVE the BFG!!!!