Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yesterday one of my co-workers happened to see my lady and I walking together, and by the look on his face, I knew I would hear some kind of comment when he saw me alone. Sure enough, this morning while I was heating up my tasty gluten free organic oatmeal, he came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Young man your girl looks GOOD, you have some good taste." Now, when someone says that to me, I know I am supposed to say thank you and keep it moving. But something about the way he stressed the "good", with a faint hint of a gleam in his eye, troubled me a bit. It also troubled me that he assumed I was in love with some unattractive girl (not that any thing's wrong with that). So I asked why he was surprised, and he told me that I seemed so quiet, and so passive that he didn't think I could pull an attractive girl, which made him sound even dumber. He started talking some more gibberish, but at that point enough was enough, so I just interrupted the bullshit he was talking, and I said thank you for the compliment.

I've had friends and family members who have been with attractive women, and I don't compliment them in such a way that makes them think if their woman was single, I'd be all over them. That's just tasteless. I'll say something like, "Good work!" or "You did good" or "She's cute man" or "Does she have friends?". But I don't dare rub my hands together, get an eager look in my eye, and say, "Man she looks GOOD." Perhaps I am overreacting.

On a lighter note, my lady has scored us free passes to see The Soloist with Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr, and Catherine Keener (who in some odd way has always been sexy to me) so I am excited about that. Based on the commercials, the tear/cry factor will be alarmingly high. I won't be ashamed to admit if I cry, but it definitely will be more fun to count the number of times my lady does.

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep - The Temptations


Sab D said...

She's sexy to you? Must tap into those Joe from the "facts of life" fantasies. Messing with you man.

Dude did overstep his bounds. In fact, Willie D of the Geto Boys made song about that ... but since this a family blog, I won't quote it. But just trust, if a brotha gotta quote Willie D, somebody real close to catching a beat down - had you done that to ole boy, you would have been well within the Man Law Rights.

Miss. Lady said...

Just ewwww. Dude was out of line. I don't know if he was trying to be "down" or what but he was completely disrespectful. I know you were in the work place and could not punch him in his throat (that is a move I would have done) but I would have still told him to bring it down a few notches because his tone is coming across as disrespectful.

£ said...

funny story about today's music choice: growing up, my brother and i thought they were saying: "doody on the stinky." my mom corrected us when she heard that we were singing it wrong. But from then until now - it is forever "doody on the stinky" to me.