Wednesday, April 08, 2009

When you're in college accumulating friends and having a good time, you never stop to think about which friends you'll be talking to 15-20 years later, at least I didn't. You're more focused on stealing bread from the cafeteria, or putting in for a $5 pizza, or making side deals for room privacy during the week. Then as you become an upperclassmen, you still have some degree of closeness, but ultimately the goal is to graduate, and that becomes the primary focus for everyone who hasn't failed out or made plans to stay 6-7 years. Finally you graduate and move into your own lives and you make promises to stay in touch that vacilliate between coming true or making you a boldface liar. But its not from a lack of effort, its just how things are.

But then something happens when you hit your 30s. You've settled deeply in your everyday life, but that nostalgia that used to be an intermittent fleeting feeling, has now become a staple in your life. You damn sure can't go back to school, so the next best thing is to re-connect with person(s) who would most identify with the good college experience. For me, that's my man Sabin.

Sabin, his wife and two daughters met up with my lady and I at the Georgia Brown's(I'd like to give a shoutout to the sweet cornbread with the peach butter) for a good dinner, and we had a ball. We ate good, had good conversation, talked about kids, college and life. At one point I said to myself, 17 years ago, when we started as broke ass college students, I'd never have predicted we'd been sitting in this semi-expensive restaurant with our families. I won't say I felt old, I just grown. And that's a good thing.

By the way, how many of you watched Connecticut women win last night? I'm just curious. When I got back from dinner I watched part of the second half but much like the men's final, it was anti-climactic.

Dreamer - Prince
I bought this new Prince cd, and its about a 6 out of 10 so far. But I LOVE this song.


Janelle said...

That's the beauty of friendship. It's never planned, it just grows.

Most importantly, did you save me a piece of peach buttered cornbread??? Our friendship is riding on your answer. hahahahahaaa

rashad said...

No cornbread for you champ!!!!

£ said...

Son. my nostalgia is out of control. I've been painstakingly compiling all my favorite tracks from my halcyon days (late 80s and 90s) to form the voltron of mix CDs (actually a playlist for my zune).

but yeah that i think we've all been in that moment. tear streamed faces, air-flow constricting hugs, and promises to never ever ever lose contact. And then life happens, and its 5, 10 ..or more years later, and you realize the majority of those friends you thought you couldn't bear to be separated from are just a hazy memory. And sometimes when you do meet up again, well, you realize how much you've grown and changed.

That said there are some HS/College friends i would love to reconnect with. If only to show them how much less of a bamma i am. lol.

oh yeah.. I'm with Janelle. where's the peach buttered co'n bread? you can't just come up in here mentioning that and not have pieces for your homeez, family.

Anonymous said...

'Shad - it's ok to be old. The real game starts when you hit the mid-30's. Its a whole new level. Keep these joints coming dude and 'preciate the love on FathersFootprints.