Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ok I have two rants this morning. One JUST happened right before I sat down to type this, the other one happened a couple of days ago.

Just now I had to talk to my boss about two different things, and I normally like to catch her early in the morning before the day really gets started. I went to my office, logged into my machine, pulled up the necessary applications, and then I walked over to her office. As I got ready to to pose my two questions, my other co-workers stood directly behind me. Apparently my question now had an audience of four ears. Right before I started talking, I looked back at my co-worker, and she just smiled at me, clearly oblivious to how rude she was being by basically eavedropping on my world changing question. I kept trying to talk to my boss, and again I peered back at my co-worker, and she was STILL standing there, and I just said fuck it and walked out of the office. As I left my co-worker said "good morning, how are you?", and I just kept walking. This woman is old(er) and she knows damn well that when someone is in with the boss, door closed or not, that means you carry your ass back to your seat until I'm done, or at least LOOK like you're trying get out of ear shot. It's not a difficult concept, at least I didn't think it was. I could not get as indignant as I wanted to get, because we are at work, and I have a pristine image to uphold. I know I need to be mature enough to let those things roll off my back and not affect me, but I'm not..not even close.

My second rant is of the tame variety and it involves cover letters. I applied for this writing position on Sunday, and they asked for the typical resume, writing sample, and cover letter. I totally understood that the resume was crucial as were the writing samples. They need to see where I've been and they need to see what I've written, but doesn't that nullify the importance/usefulness of the damn cover letter? I can't even tell you the last time I've actually written a cover letter, its all about cut and pasting info into a template, and editing some minor details. I find it hard to believe that the jobs I've gotten or lost, are related to the strength or weak nature of a damn cover sheet. In fact, I've been on the hiring end of that spectrum before, and I used to skip the cover letter all the time. I want to see the resume, and then I want to get a feel for someone via the interview whether it be on the phone or in person. The cover letter is the equivalent of sideline reporters during sporting events. You get used to them, you tolerate them, but ultimately are you really getting anything of substance out of them? No, you aren't. In fact, the next job I apply for, I am going to purposely skip the cover letter, and see what happens.

I swear I'm not cranky this morning, I swam a mile, and I feel great.

That's Life - James Brown


Sab D said...

That mile is the truth!!!! You're not tire afterwards, more like divinely relaxed. I started using the swim paddles on my hand - I was super sore. It intensifies each stroke. Try them joints when you get a chance. They say the flippers crank up the leg action too - I'm going to try those soon.
Congrats on that mile man!

rashad said...

Thank you sir. Where can I get those swim paddles. In a few weeks when I get comfortable with the mile, I definitely need to try those.

Miss. Lady said...

Ha Ha! I just posted something to your FB status.

I don't look at cover letters. Working in Staffing I get resumes all the time and skip the cover letters; they are annoying as hell... they make me itch.

The only time a cover letter should be done it when you are emailing me about a job opening, that way I am not wondering who the hell you are and exactly what do you want.

I bet you any thing you will go through the task of composing a cover letter and they won't even look at it. I most certainly don't think it would be ignorant of you to ask if they peeped your cover letter during the interview either. LOL!

scout said...

I say it's better to be safe than sorry. Some folks are sticklers for cover letters and will not look at your resume without that "introduction" to who you are, what youre applying for, what you feel you can bring to the table, etc. It's also a good way to see if someone can string a sentence together properly. Resumes are full of bullet points and key words and arent the best introductions to you as a person. Cover lets give you a chance to say what your resume doesn't. It also gives you a chance to show if you've done any research on the company, which could mean brownie points and separate you from the rest. Of course, some people don't look at them and others might even find them annoying. But do you want to risk that? Isn't it better to give more than less? It definitely won't HURT your chances, that's for sure.

rashad said...

I feel you and ultimately, I'll have to conform and include a cover letter. but it is particularly annoying to do when I'm applying for a writing position that includes my writing samples you know?

scout said...

What do you samples say about you? Unless they are extraodinary, they may not set you apart from the other applicants. Use that cover letter to land that interview because most companies aren't just hiring talent, they're hiring personality as well.
And good luck!! ;)