Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An article on last night's Wizards game

I think I am approaching burnout status with my writing, which means I need to visit an airport or something to get rejuvenated. Right now, I'm just juvenated.

By the way, my father finally responded to my article last night, and he sent me an email that damn near made me cry, which means he cried while typing it. You don't get many moments to truly impress your parents, but I think I may have done it this time. That being said, if they ever got hold of this blog, it would undo any goodwill that Kareem article built and then some.


Janelle said...

awww!! I know your dad is proud of you. One question: did you respond to the email mentioning how long it took for a response a la Larry David??? hahahahaa

rashad said...

I did not such thing. I shield my father from my alleged BLD tendencies

amy said...

YES! That is wonderful :)