Saturday, February 06, 2010

Last night my lady and I were in our local Mexican bar enjoying strong margaritas and stronger conversation. We were tipsy, sports were on the television, and the snow was coming down like nobody's business. To the right of us was this woman who had her homework out, as well a rather tall margarita by her side. I noticed that our bartender was spending a lot of time talking to this woman about her homework, but I thought it was just idle bar stool chatter (something i know nothing about). Then I decided to listen a little closer.

This assclown of a woman had Spanish homework to do, and rather than doing it herself, she had the Mexican bartender doing the homework for her. At one point, this bartender had a pen in her hand, and was writing down something for the woman whose job it was to actually do the homework. At first I thought I was hearing it wrong, but I clearly wasn't. This woman was getting her homework done, and all she had to do was keep ordering food and drinks. It was snowing so hard, that there only a few people in there, so its not like any customers were neglected as a result of this bullshit. At one point, I had to interrupt this student/teacher session to get my quesadillas ordered, and it took everything in me not to say something smart and mean. In hindsight, I should have..Who the hell goes to a bar and gets their homework done?

Anyway it is GREAT being snowed in..mimosas are on the way, crazy people are on skis outside of my window, the Wizards game in cancelled, and there is food galore. Here's a pic right down the street from me:


Sab D said...

HEY MAN!!!! I go to the local establishment & do my homework! One day I typed 3 pages ... but haven't found a spot where the waitresses do the homework for you - what's the name of that spot? Is it included in the tip?

rashad said...

The spot was called Aleros and its right down the street from me...don't let me catch me getting your homework done

Janelle said...

Hey its a barter system. She was paying for it - like he was a tutor. I know where to go to do my homework done when I move to DC.

£ said...

Rashad now i don't need to tell you that the cornerstone of every healthy relationship is a free exchange of sex and discounts.

...and spanish homework.

i say they were building a firm foundation for their future. Olé!

rashad said...

Had sex been exchanged between those two women, this blog would have taken a totally different turn..