Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I don't know what is going on here with the weather, but I wish it would stop. Apparently the Hampton area got yet another snowstorm, which forced my son's field trip to be cancelled for the THIRD time. To his credit, he warned me last night that it was snowing, and the weather was bad, so I braced myself. Still, I was hoping that somehow things would change, but they did not. I suspect the level of ineptitude when it comes to snow is even higher down there than it is here in DC. So now I have to come to work. Thank you Hampton, Virginia!

On my way in to work this morning, I read about the demise of Saturday mail, and I realized that much sooner rather than later, the post office will meet the same fate as newspapers. They will eventually both be extinct and it sucks. In high school, I would wake up and get the paper from the bottom of our driveway, steal the sports page out of there en route to school, read it before class, pass it around for my classmates to read, and then get yelled at by my father when I didn't return it in the condition it left. In college, checking the mailbox was a ritual that every student cherished. Was there mail? Did mom or dad send a care package? Did my Playboys finally arrive? Did my girl write me? Did my uncle send me that cash? The mail was a big deal..and now I don't see it being around in 10 years.

And same sex marriage is legal in DC now, and all three major networks had tv crews and reports outside of DC Superior Court, as people lined up to get their licenses. Some of them were crying, some were smiling, and everyone seemed to be having a grand ole time. What does this tell me? Marriages, unlike newspapers and post offices, will never die. Sure more than half of these marriages will end both amicably and badly, and they will want to injure, murder or mildly injure their spouses but all the involved parties will get over it and look to get married again. I don't have a point or a smart ass comment, its just an observation.


£ said...

I too heard about the potential for no saturday delivery and was horrified. I cannot cosign. I likes my snail mail! (when its not bills anyway) But I realize what fiscal straits USPS must be in. Still, I can't imagine mail being extinct. Hopefully some financial gurus will be able to find a way to manage the budget without ending saturday delivery. Meanwhile, i'm investing in good quality, heavy gauge stationary and going to write letters to people. I refuse to let technology take away this last vestige of humanity! :-(

spirit_55 said...

Dang, sorry to hear about your son's cancelled trip. That old man winter just keeps on snowing along.....

Y'all better roll up the winter wonderland before I roll into town next week. ***Sigh*** MinneSNOWTA is thawing out with near 40 degree weather.

As to snail mail, I'm a sucker for opening the mailbox and discovering a B-day card or my IRS check.

It just feels GOOD to hold it in my hands and savor the love of a handwritten, hand delivered piece of mail.