Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I was on another blog this morning, when I saw the video you see above. The person writing the blog seemed to think that Oates was thoroughly pissed that Hall kept going on and on about any and everything. Oates sat there with his arms crossed, and even Hall interrupted him and blatantly cut him off mid-sentence, he kept his cool. It does appear as if Hall was and is a bit full of himself and his talent, but in fairness to him, that has been the formula for Hall and Oates. Hall does the singing, the dancing, and more of the talking, while Oates does the background vocals, ad libs and much less talking.

But when a group has been together for almost 40 years like they have, you can't help but to wonder what has gone on behind the scenes. How is the money split? Who wins the majority of the fights? Do they discuss who will talk in the interviews, or does it mirror the dynamics of the group on stage? Do they both get chances to write songs? I don't just want to know these things because I'm a music fanatic who enjoys documentaries (like this one on the making of Steely Dan's "Peg"), but because I'm in a long term relationship my damn self. And even though Hall and Oates is a group the entertains, there are certain relationship dynamics that are in play, and I want to know how they've survived for so long.

That's why I am looking forward to this documentary on A Tribe Called Quest that's coming out some time this year. Unlike Hall and Oates who hung tough and have apparently stayed together, Tribe broke up, recorded solo projects, tried and failed to reunite, toured briefly, teased fans with faint promises of a reconciliation cd, and now they've apparently given up again. I'm rambling here..but as you can see, I want to take my favorite group (The Roots) and film a documentary on them on and off the stage. Ideally I'd have wanted to record one with Michael Jackson but you know...

By the way, I am REALLY hoping I meet Michael Jordan tonight when his Charlotte Bobcats play the Wizards. I hope I can keep my composure.

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maxwellsmusze said...

i heart hall & oates.

i'm sure they've probably had their share of arguments and whatnot but i didn't pick up on any hostility from this clip. seems like oates is completely okay with playing his position. but yeah, hall shut up a minute and at least let dude finish a sentence. haha! that hall, i tell ya!