Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm going to do something I rarely feel like doing when I write this blog, and that's revisit some things that I've previously written.

My checks and balances committee (aka my fiancee) brought it to my attention last night, that my friend break down entry I wrote yesterday, came off as a big GFY to my friends and family. On top of that, I have friends who contacted me yesterday, and they hinted (others just came out and said it) that they were disappointed that they would not be in attendance at my wedding.

Now, I was not taunting or being mean to friends and family with that entry, I was trying to let everyone in on my thought process. I'm having a small wedding, and any one's exclusion is not a reflection on how I feel about them in the friend or family department. I don't see why that's so hard to understand. Actually that's not true..there are some people who have seen me go through ups and downs, and now they want to see me achieve one of the ultimate high moments. I get that. I'm just not giving it in to it with this particular event.

Secondly, last week I wrote this entry about the man with the dogs who didn't speak to me. This morning I saw this same man again after my run, but he was without his dogs. The last time, I just stared at him without offering any morning salutations, so right off the bat I wanted to right my wrong. The following conversation went down:

Me: Good morning sir
Him: Morning
**He does a double take**
Him: Hey, you're the guy I saw the other morning after I walked my dogs
Me: Yep, that's me
Him (extending his hand): Hey buddy, I'm Bruce, what's your name?
Me (extending mine in return): I'm Rashad
Him: Nice to meet you
**awkward pause**
Me: I see you got your Starbucks there
Him: Oh yeah, this is my crack, I need it every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon.
Me: Crack? word? (in my head). I prefer water and grapefruit juice, but every now and then I dabble in Starbucks (out loud)
Him: Hey juice and water are cool, but they don't wake me up you know?
Me: Yeah that's true
**another awkward pause**
Me: Well let me get going Bruce, I need to get ready for work
Him: Ok Rashad good seeing you again man, take care

and scene.

I will admit it feels good hobnobbing with the neighbors like that..makes me feel like I'm a part of the community. Sure the small talk is torturous, and I was sweating like LV in a Coolio video, I still enjoyed. Maybe I'll invite Bruce to my wedding..


tia said...

for the record, i am happy to be in the "not required to buy a gift" group of friends.

rashad said...

Thank you for sharing Tia

sixfive said...

I despise smalltalk...if I could remain invisible to 95% of people during my day, that would be just fine.