Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You can hear me having a great discussion on last night's not-so-great Celtics/Lakers game by clicking here

The air conditioning wasn't working in my house last night, which just totally jacked up my evening and my morning for that matter. I couldn't watch the game comfortably, I couldn't drown my sorrows in wine, because that would have made it hotter, I couldn't get any trim because that would have made things even hotter, and this morning after I ran 5 miles, I couldn't come back to a cold apartment, so I was sweaty when I left the house, and I'm still a bit sweaty here at work while I type this blog. And for you people saying its never too hot to have sex, you come stay at my house and try, and let me stay in your air conditioned place until its fixed. How 'bout them apples?

Also, if your father is alive, and you have a decent relationship with him, please show the man some love on Sunday--actually show him love everyday, but kick it into high gear for Father's Day. I'm sure he deserves it, and I'm quite sure he's tired of receiving Old Spice, ties and socks and corny plaques. I know its tough because you can't just resort to the bailout gift (flowers and candy) that works like a champ on Mother's Day, and I know older men make it damn near impossible to buy gifts for them. They've been wearing the same clothes and shoes since 1992, they refuse to convert their CDs to IPODs, and they won't watch or even take season one of Mad Men out of the box, even though you raved about how good it was over and over again. Still, you should dig deeper and make your father happy.

And once you come up with some ideas for Father's Day, please share them with me, because in the words of the great Joe Namath, I am struh-ga-linng, to come up with something good.

And one more thing. If the cleaners mistakenly gave you an article of clothing that fit perfectly, would you keep it for yourself or take it back so it could be returned to his rightful owner? Just curious.

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