Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have nothing of note to say today, but this story struck me as uplifting in a odd way. This kid has both parents in his life, and they both advised to make a decision that will save his life. His reward? He gets to stay on the football scholarship he earned, and get a degree at an above average university the same time. Now there's nothing wrong with single parent households, and if you try to infer that I'm downing single parent households, then you're a jackass. I'm just saying its nice to read about two seemingly (and I do stress seemingly) good parents making a sound decision where their child is involved. Hopefully I've hyped it enough for you to want to take a look. In case you missed me hyperlinking it in the first sentence, here it is again.

House of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)

I don't know how old you people are who read my blog, but I'm 30 f**king 5 years old, and about 15-20 years ago, a Pete Rock remix was a pretty big deal. Yes he was in a group with CL Smooth, and yes he would occasionally attempt to rap. But for my money, his ability to remix a song was his best asset. The Jump Around remix was my second favorite. My favorite Pete Rock remix???

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