Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The lady and I were all set to take a wonderful, luxurious, week-long honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. We did a few weeks of research, found the resort we liked the best, and made a final decision. I can readily admit that my lady did more of the researching than I did, but I was still right there adding my two cents. Not a day would go by without us mentioning how much fun the DR (as we call in the biz) was going to be.

Then, the terrible cholera outbreak that has been going for months in Haiti, spread to the DR last week. Apparently thousands of Haitians cross the DR border for work each and every day, and one such construction worker did that, and caught the virus. It was caught early and he was treated and released, but still it was scary enough for the DR to issue a maximum health alert.

So the lady and I had a decision to make. Did we just wait and see how things would play out on the cholera front, and not change anything right away? Should we be proactive and just change our destination, since we no longer felt completely comfortable with a trip to the DR? There were lots of questions to be answered, and even though we had gotten insurance on our trip, it was still going to cost extra money to adjust the trip and find a new one. The longer we waited to switch things up, the more difficult it would be to find a new place with unlimited availibility, with flights that lined up blah blah blah.. But we wouldn't just be paying extra money, we'd be paying for peace of mind right?

Well we decided to be proactive, we paid the penalty plus a little something extra, and we've adjusted our destination to a new, undisclosed location. It stressed us both the f**k out, and its a little disappointing, but hey..we are still getting married in less than weeks, the honeymoon destination is still as warm and tropical, and we are happy....BUT

Its been a damn week and there hasn't been another reported(and I do stress reported) case of cholera in the DR. No construction workers, no regular workers, no citizens, no tourists or anybody. Now the little voice inside my head said don't look back, you can never look back, but the cruel, less rational side of me wants some people in the DR to come down with cholera. I don't anyone to die from it, I just want about 20-30 people to be deeply afflicted, treated, and then released from the hospital, so I can say now THAT is why we made the right decision. No such luck yet though. I know that's not nice, but come on, you have to know where I'm coming from right?

Peaceful Journey - Heavy D featuring Jodeci


Anonymous said...

Rashad, I hope you and My Lady have a blessed and joyus nuptuals and honeymoon!

a. o. mcclyde said...

my co-worker is going through the exact same ordeal with DR, i think she's still holding out on cancelling.