Monday, February 21, 2011

First let me send a special shoutout to my main man Sabin who caught the fact that I put an incorrect link in my post yesterday. Its good to know that someone is indeed reading what the hell I'm writing. Second, I do believe this is the first ever blog post I've done from an airplane, which is very cool (in my book at least). I'm currently 20 minutes into my flight from Los Angeles to St. Louis, where I will catch a connecting flight back home to DC. Everyone around me is sleep and snoring, and I'm tired enough to do the same, but the thrill of mid-air, mid-flight blogging is way too enticing to pass up..

Last night's All-Star game was kind of boring, but I did meet more interesting people in the bowels of the Staples Center. I met Chris Tucker, Rhianna, Drake (when I say I met Drake, I gave him a head nod and kept it moving..I'm not a fan) and LaLa (Carmelo Anthony's wife). If I attempted to meet these people on the street, they'd probably look at me like I was a stalker, but since media folks and celebrities were all in the same area, it was acceptable for them to talk to me I suppose

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of both covering basketball and hobnobbing with people who make more money than I can shake a stick at. But I miss my wife, I miss my bed, and I miss my time zone. There's no way in hell I'm going to work tomorrow..
Shoutout to the woman sitting next to me who is sleep, and therefore unable to see the tiny bit of drool that just fell from her lips on to her blanket. Very sexy.

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