Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My son's mother allowed my him to get his hair braided yesterday, and my son sent me a picture, because he continues to seek my approval. I asked him how much it was, he told me $30. I asked him if he liked it, and he said yes but it hurt a bit. I told him I was happy that he liked it, and then there was a pause, and then I told him I had to go because I was in the middle of a Wizards game.

I suppose I could have lied and told him I liked it, but I'm not in the business of lying to my son. He's had 9 months to grow his hair, braid it, twist and do whatever the f**k he wanted to do, and I hope he enjoyed it. This past Sunday I warned my barber that I'd be bringing my son in with a full head of hair, and it was all coming off, and I'm sticking to it this weekend. I'm even giving his mother $40 (I'm assuming she tipped the braider) so she won't bitch and moan about money lost. Enough is enough..he is more than welcome to revisit this sham of a hairdo when he's a senior in high school, and he's gotten into college. I like short hair, I can dig locs, bald heads and even well-kept afros. Cornrows? Hell no.

End of rant.


Nina said...

wow. way to let him express himself. i actually think that this is the ONLY time in a person's life when cornrows are appropriate. but what do i know? :)

Nina said...
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rashad said...

Self-expressions comes in many forms my friend..and for nine months I let him do just that. Now it gets shut down

£ said...

LOL @ "sham of a hairdo"

Part of me wants to be cool and hip and say let him express himself, as i recall how i felt when my mom & dad exercised parental authority and ixnayed some of my fashion choices.

(my dad totally tried to ruin my life by hating on the key in one ear look (a la janet) and holey jeans)

But the other part of me, the part that does not like cornrows on males, is behind you 100 percent. He'll thank you later. Profusely. lol

Go dad!

scout said...

lol, you're funny, Rashad. I'm not mad at you, though. I despise cornrows on anyone but cute little girls. hmm...I wonder if he's doing it to gain the attention of cute little girls. He's at that age, right?

rashad said...

he's 13 (he'll be 14 in August) so he's definitely at that age

Janelle said...

Damn the Allen Iverson/ Latrell Sprewell hairdo's are back??!!!

I agree. I'm all for expressing yourself and experimenting with your style at his age, but cornrows?? So not cute.

My only concern is how he will feel this weekend. He spent the past nine months growing his hair out to wear this hairstyle so he was obviously committed (ask any woman who has grown out a relaxer or a hair color...major commitment). Maybe you can let him rock it for just a little while longer like until his next visit to honor his dedication to something. But on this visit, speak to him about WHY you don't like it and show him why its inappropriate. Take him to a local store (wwhere you know the people) and ask them in front of him would they hire him based on his look alone. Give him something to think about. That's my nonparent 2 cents.

rashad said...

We had that convo two months ago..I'm not up for talking and conversation, its coming off, because i don't like it, and that's that. his hair has been braided two times before in this 9 month span, and he hasn't taken care of it. its a wrap son!

Jazzbrew said...

I'm with you Rashad but you know I'm extremely old school. Until I was paying for my own haircuts my parents dictated style and that was that.

As you said... it's a wrap son.

Janelle said...

Oh you've had the convo and he still rocks it??? And he doesn't take care of it??? Oh hell no!!! yeah, off with the 'rows, son!! hahahahaa

Disregard last comment. :)