Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First off, I am happy to report that the woman whose AmEx card I found yesterday, just so happens to live in my building. She gave me a call yesterday morning, told me she dropped the card while moving some items in the building, and expressed her gratitude. I slid her card under her door yesterday when I got home from work, and all is well. She has her card back, and I don't go to jail for identity/credit card theft. Win-Win.

Second, Let me warn my five readers, that this entry will have the stench of something that was read and/or performed at open mic/spoken word/poetry night.

There are times when your are walking, running, or perhaps just sitting somewhere, and a familiar smell will penetrate your nose and stay there for awhile. The smell not only takes you back to a specific year and place, but often times you can recall exactly what you were doing, and even who you were talking to when you first crossed paths with that smell. If this is associated with something positive, you'll smile or laugh to yourself, and if a negative thought has come to mind, you may get temporarily angry.

This morning as I finished my run, I walked by a freshly paved sidewalk, and it smelled like the rubber on a good track. It instantly reminded me of my high school days when I ran the 400 meters, but it didn't remind me of the actual race. The smell reminded me of the 20-30 minutes before the race, when I would sprint in an empty, far lane of the track preparing to tackle my upcoming race. I'd run in a controlled sprint in the far lane for about 100 meters, then I would lengthen my stride a bit, just so I could loosen my muscles. I remembered when I got down in my pre-race stance, I'd be closer to the track, and at that point, the rubber smell that good tracks give off would run past my nose.

Back then I just figured that was a minor inconvenience involved with track and field, now I miss running competitively, and getting nervous before performing on the big athletic stage. But for those 2 minutes or so this morning, when I smelled the pavement, I had a nostalgic attack, and I was loving it. By the way, I also ran the 200 and the 800 meters in high school, but the 400 was my best event--although my track coach always said that if I was about 3-4 inches taller (I'm 5'9") I would be much better, because I lengthen my stride when I got tired..he was right..but f**k him.

I'm rambling..if I kept a personal journal, this entry would be in there, but I don't..

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