Friday, June 10, 2011

99% of the time, I'd say the way I dress is age (36) appropriate. Around the house I wear jerseys, shorts with holes in the crotch, and t-shirts that look like they've been on post-sex cleanup duty for years, but in public I know the rules on how a man my age should dress and I follow them accordingly--except for today.

Its 199 degrees outside, and all week I've had to dress up in work appropriate gear, which really infuriated me. Women wear all types of allegedly work safe dresses with body parts hanging out, jiggling and what have you, while men have limited options..unless you consider the Michael Douglas, "Falling Down" look a viable option. I've been in the workplace long enough to know that this is an acceptable double standard, but every now and then it does irk me. So today, also known as casual Friday, I decided to get my sweet revenge. I have a on a t-shirt, some cargo pants and some white Chuck Taylors, and I feel comfortable, relatively work appropriate, and I feel great..or so I thought I did.

While I was on the train, I saw my reflection, and I felt differently. I saw the gray hairs on my head and in my goatee, and it was in stark contrast to the clothes I had on my back. I thought to myself: "I've made a huge mistake". I felt like I should have thrown on a nice button up shirt and some slacks, instead the t-shirt/cargo shorts combo, but it was much too late to go home and change. I almost felt embarassed..then I looked around and saw a bunch of dudes who had their shirts tucked in, their pants pulled up to their mind, and they looked neat, non-stylish and very uncomfortable. Needless to say, I felt vindicated. I may not be dressed the way an ideal 36 year old man should be (whatever that means), but my pants aren't sagging or baggy, my shirt fits and I'm comfortable without looking like a jackass. That's good enough for me.

Now in a couple of hours I'll probably change my mind...

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