Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today's blog entry will be written by my main man Sabin aka my first and last roommate at THE Hampton University. He writes a blog, which can seen here and he wrote a book which can purchased here. And now, without further ado, here is Sabin:

After reading his last blog posting, I figured, I gotta help my guy. Can't give him what he is craving ... yeah, um, he gonna have to handle that. But since we go back like ODB and Mariah Carey (... me and MaRIah, go back like babies and pacifiers ...), I have to show my guy some support.
So today, I'm going to guest blog. Kinda like when Jay Leno came off the bench for Johnny Carson back in the day, except minus the chin.

Since this blog sometimes ventures into rant territory, I'm going to visit the Rant Zone with a rant of my own.

Before I get to ranting, for those you old enough to have had a crush on Thelma from Good Times or had the Micheal Jackson with the yellow sweater vest poster - do you remember the opening lines to Self Destruction? You know, the Malcom X quote that said:

We all agree tonight
All of the speakers have agreed
that America has a very serious problem .."

Not to say this rant is on a Malcolm X level of seriousness, but there is a problem and epidemic of sorts we need to address.
I'm a pretty even spirited guy. Old enough to cherish Bobby "Blue" Bland and young enough to dig Big KRIT. Cool enough to know who Lonnie Liston Smith is and wise enough to know that Wacka Flocka is some bullshit. Intelligent enough to know that 'bet not nobody try to remake an Isley Brothers song; yet silly enough to randomly blurt out "trick luv da kids!!!"

So given that I'm an even spirited guy, please hear me out when I go this Rashadian rant.

Er'body ready?


Got dam it I hate it when during your birthday celebration some want-to-be-cool person tries to hi-jack the happy birthday song with the Stevie Wonder inspired version. Man, I hate that shat!!! As the late Robin Harris would say, "I was pissed off to the highest of pissivity!!"

Don't get me wrong, I love Stevie Wonder. I mean Stevie "is a musical genius!! I have all his albums!! I got Fafil- Fafilly- F*#^! it you know, the good one. I got all that sh** man!!!" (apologies for the Eddie Murphy "Delirious' flashback, but Rashad and I do that in normal conversation)
Anyway, so I appreciate folks wanting to share the musical genius of Stevie.

But the song was for Martin Luther King. Since none of us are quite about to get our own holiday and sh**, then we gotta let Martin have his own song. I mean damn can't the Drum Major for Justice have his own song?!

However, what really gets to me, I mean really nails-screeching-on-the-chalkboard gets to me - is that people don't really know the song. Some of these young cats can't even visualize Stevie sweatin' on the HOTTER THAN JULY album cover. These the same folks that think K-Ci & Jo-Jo did a good job on "Lately."

So this is how I handled it. Right around the time when everyone's voice started dimming - you know, after the third or fourth "haaaaaaaappppeeeeee biiiiiiiiirthdaaaaay", you know right in there. I stood up and starting singing the rest of the words.

Why has there never been such a holiday?
Where peace is Cel-LE-Brated?
thheeeeee wooooooooooorrrrrrlllllddddddd!!

Man, didn't nobody say sh**.

Ok, I'm making that up. I still hate the poorly implemented Stevie Wonder inspired hi-jack of the Happy Birthday song.

And you should too.


Jamal said...

This is hilarious

maxwellsmusze said...

Hilarious and so very true! The absolute worst is having this rendition seep into a diverse work environment where all the non-blacks are looking like wtf us going on.