Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday I endured one of those days that thoroughly kicked my ass. One of those days when you want strangle someone until they die, kill yourself, and then strangle that same person in hell. Ideally I should just put that day behind me and move on to bigger and better things--and eventually I will do just that. Today, I must recapitulate.

First off let me say I much I hate people who say things to me like "Oh yeah I remember going through that when I had a newborn, I don't envy you" or "better you than me" or "good luck with all that". You people can go f**k yourselves. Give me some advice, a list of solutions, or just say nothing. I don't think that's too much to fact don't limit that line of thought to just me, adopt it as a full-time mantra. Do I always follow my own advice no? Do I contradict myself on my blog frequently? You bet your sweet ass I do.

Anyway, first my car broke down yesterday morning, and I had to get it towed and taken to the shop. Here I was at 7am, sitting in front of my apartment on a main street in Washington DC (Connecticut Ave for those familiar with DC), and I became THAT GUY. THAT GUY is the one of the side of the street who holds up traffic, and passers by break their necks to see who it is and if you're lucky they may even throw you a sympathy smile. I was THAT GUY. The cost to fix the car is more than I care to spend right now, and its even more when you consider I only bought the car to usher young Nyles around--before that I was fine walking, taking the train and biking. But that's life as an adult, and if that had been the only issue of the day, I'd have gotten over it. But it was not.

Then I had the work day from hell. My boss is an idiot (she used the expression "peace mill" instead of the correct spelling "piecemeal, and that's just the tip of the iceberg), I was in meeting after meeting, I had reports to do, people kept plopping their asses in my office with both relevant and irrelevant conversation, and all I wanted was to go home, sleep and drink some Port, while I played with Nyles and my wife...more Nyles though.

But when I got home, Nyles was cranky and craving the breast (can't blame him there) more than the bottle, and he would not go to sleep. Plus he kept digging his newborn nails into adult neck, and no matter how much I asked nicely for him not to, he kept going to town. This is the moment when I realized having an infant means you never truly get to rest. I know and understand that now, and I will adjust accordingly.

The bottom line here? I really need to get laid. I'm hoping the doctor gives my wife clearance next week, because it has been WAY too long, and the consequences are rippling through other aspects of my life. You never realize how vital sex--even if its baby-in-the-room sex--is until it is violently taken away from you. I want it back. Sorry for rambling. The good news? My oldest son arrives today, so he'll get to meet his new brother. Good times


nichole said...

it's "piecemeal."

have a better day today, buddy ol pal.

Miss. Lady said...

If you file his nails with a baby nail file after you cut them they won't be so sharp. Also put those infant mittens on him. He will spend so much time figuring out how to get them things off of his hands he won't be too interesting in crying.

Oh and have a better day.

rashad said...

Thank you Miss Lady1