Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is their some unwritten rule that says that if I put 35 cents in the newspaper machine, and get my paper out, that someone else is allowed to get a paper too? I see this every morning, but it normally doesn't happen to me. Today it did. I put my money in, got a paper, and out of nowhere, this man attempts to reach across, and grab a newspaper out on my dime(quarter and a dime to be exact). I acted like I didn't see him, closed the door, and then looked right in his face and said, "oh, my bad man". Yes it is only 35 cents, and its not like I work for the Post or anything, but still..I'm simply not that nice. If you can afford a suit, a nice tie, and a leather briefcase that probably doesn't have anything in it except rhymes and recipes anyway, surely you can afford a newspaper. I should waved my finger in his face like Dikembe.

I walked past a homeless man today with a croissant and some orange juice, and he was looking at me as if to say, you can buy all that, but you can't spare any change? And I looked at him as if to say, check cards man, check cards..Alright enough of the morning observations.

A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I could really keep it real on a blog, knowing that so many people are reading, and that is a damn good point. I'd say that 70% of what it is on my mind, is what I will type. It isn't premeditated or anything, I'm just typing what is on my mind..for the most part. The other 30% are things that I am simply not ready to broadcast to the world for whatever reason. I have some deep, dark secrets, that I am not ready to own up to, as does everyone. It isn't always easy to readily share every damn thing. Im trying though. I will admit this though..I got so mad at a friend of mine yesterday, that I "accidentally" broke a glass night stand in my bedroom. I spent 2 hrs cleaning up that glass, all because I can't always control my temper...I could expand on that more, but where 's the fun in that..I don't even think my friends really know how bad my temper is. I keep it hidden with sarcasm and dry wit, but sometimes it comes out in bad ways.

It bothers me deeply that rap/hip hop seems to be the only genre of music where the artists actually outgrow it. In recent interviews, I hear Outkast, specifically Andre, talking about how he's bored, and he wants to do other things. Now far be it from me to hold a brother back from branching out, but what's wrong with rapping? I can name numerous artists from different genres of music who recorded deep into their 50s, 60s and 70s. Johnny Cash, The Temptations, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Smokey Robinson, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie are all artists who STILL recorded in their later years. They may have branched out into other things, but music remained the centerpiece. why can't rappers do that? Why do they have to fall off or get bored or breakup and do nothing? My three favorite groups growing up were EPMD, Gangstarr and A Tribe Called Quest. Eric and Parrish can be working at Ben's Chilli Bowl for all I know, DJ Premier is still producing but where's the Guru? And A Tribe Called Quest threatens to get back together, but it still hasn't happened. I feel old all of a sudden


hadassah said...

You can keep this up,the more you write the more honest you will become. You just need some encouragment. Heres some...

RedHotMama said...

being honest in the blog--
i've been struggling with that lately, which is why i've been saving stuff to draft instead of publishing.
and i've also been deleting posts.
i also feel you on the temper thing.
maybe i'll talk about that soon.
keep up the good work, jeeves.
(i don't know why i just called you jeeves).

Jo said...

that's because you are . . .old, that is . . .