Tuesday, August 22, 2006

When 9pm came yesterday, I had the option of watching two important things on TV. On ESPN, there was a Monday Night Football game in the city of Shreveport, close to New Orleans, that featured Reggie Bush and the Saints and a TO-less Dallas Cowboys team. One of the underlying themes in this game(besides Tony Kornheiser making his second appearance) was that this football event was to symbolize the recovery and strides being made in that New Orleans area. Over on HBO, the Spike Lee joint, "When The Levees Broke" debuted..almost an hour after the Monday Night Football Game. There were no underlying themes for this documentary, as Spike Lee chose to focus on the events leading up to Katrina, how it was handled, and most importantly, the suffering of the people. Now I'll admit, at first, I did not want to see the Spike film, because I knew it was going to bring me way down. So for the first 30 minutes or so, I focused on MNF. I watched Reggie Bush, I listened to Tony K improve on his first broadcast, and I watched Bill Parcells continue to attempt to intimidate and everyone on the Cowboys roster despite the fact that he weights 785 lbs. And of course I listened to the TO talk ad nauseum.

But after a period of time of flipping back and forth, at around 9:45, I decided to focus my attention solely on the Spike film. And as I predicted, it made me angry, sad, and pensive all at the same time. I was angry at the Katrina fallout all over again, and how it was handled. And the anger I had certainly didn't discriminate. I was pissed at some of the New Orleans residents for resorting to acting like vigilantes during this crisis..I was pissed at both the governor and the mayor for their lack of a plan, or maybe I should say the lack of execution to the existing plan. And of course, like everyone else, I was mad at the response of the federal govt'. The sadness was reserved for the innocent citizens who were just trying to survive, but ended up dead and bloated on the side of the road, or watching a loved one succumb to the same fate. And then I found myself wonder what I would do in those same circumstances. Would I lead? Would I just go for mine, and find a spot where I could live? Or would I get medieval and just take the law into my own hands?

I also felt a large deal of guilt watching this movie, because I have placed this whole Katrina situation WAY in the back of mind, and moved subjects such as sports, my libido, and countless other things to the forefront. Meanwhile, folks are still suffering down there in many different ways. On a more upbeat note though, the soundtrack to Part I of Spike's movie was excellent. I know that seems out of place, but I noticed it nonetheless. I will be watching once again tonight.


Hannibal said...

I'll take Reggie Bush with a side of Fava beans..yummy...

anywho...yeah the Katrina thing was a mess..I talked daily to someone who was 15 mins outside of new orleans and they talked about how folks was sleeping in the parks and such..it was sad

Anonymous said...

i too didn't plan to watch the spike movie because i knew it was going to make me mad all over again. and i too am guilty of putting the whole katrina thing in the back of my mind.

for some reason, the music got on my nerves. i know they need something to break the silence when showing images, but it still irritated me. everytime the dome was showed, i was sick to my stomach.