Thursday, October 05, 2006

I finally spoke with my son Carlton last night, and things were relatively back to normal. He was his usual quiet self, and he gave me 5 strong minutes of conversation. Short, yet effective. I also found out he is in Hampton, VA, so I'll be going down to see him hopefully this weekend, and definitely next weekend too. I won't go into the other sordid details right now, the main point is I have contact once again. Good times indeed.

I spent much of my evening talking to family members and watching sports. And while watching sports, I once again noticed something, that I have quietly observed for over 15 years. Every athlete says the same shit when they are interviewed, with a couple of variations. Allow me to demonstrate:

Interviewer: So what were the keys to the victory today
Athlete: Well first off let me thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ, without him there would be nothing youknowwhati'msaying? Second, you know I just went out played my game, gave 156%, and stayed within the team concept

Interviewer: Individually, how were able to achieve so much success
Athlete: (Insert third person) always does his best youknowwhatimean? I love this game, and I come out every night and give my all, and I feel like when (third person again) is at his best nobody can stop (third person strikes again)

Interviewer: You beat a good team tonight, did you know that you all were that good?
Athlete: Well, you have to take your hat off to the other team, they fought, and gave 178% just like we did. But we were just able to take it to another level. God must have been on our side tonight(athlete pounds his chest and point to the sky)

Interviewer: So you have 3 tough games coming up in the next 3 weeks, how do you prepare?
Athlete: Well, you know we can only take it one game at a time, we're not really looking ahead. But we do feel like when we are on our game, can't nobody(the double negative is an absolute must) beat us.

Interviewer: Thank you
athlete: (puts his arm around the interviewer, looks into the camera) I want to shout out my moms, Boney T and Boney James, and (insert hometown) is definitely in the house.

So, next time you watch an interview listen for those things. Every athlete begins a sentence with the word "well", they must shout out God(curiously only the black athletes do this..with a few exceptions), and they must give some percentage of effort..the most popular one is 110%, but it varies. This is something that even you non-sports fans can appreciate.

Speaking of thanking God, I've also noticed that during the Grammys and other award shows, white artists never thank God or Jesus. Of course, the Christian Rock groups do, but aside from that you never see white artists shout out the Big man. Black artists spend about 45 minutes thanking God and kissing the platinum cross on their chest, after winning and award for a song full of curses. I'm not judging here, just observing of course. I wonder why that is????

And now, from Rashad's perversion files. There are few things in this world more delightful, than watching a girl with a nice ass, go up the escalator. Now I didn't want to see that this morning, but as I walked up, I was able to get a view of a couple women, and it was a beautiful thing. The firmness, each cheek bouncing softly, the firmness, and then once this person's ass reaches the top of the escalator, you can see plainly see how nice the ass is. I'm sure this works for women looking at men too, but I dont' have the gay, so I won't be discussing that here today. I just though I'd share.

I have a new attitude today(the above paragraph not withstanding), in light of my 5 minute power conversation with Carlton last night. The song matching my mood today is This Is It by Kenny Loggins.


Hannibal said...

Good times!

hadassah444 said...

awww..I see you smiling

Anonymous said...

were you looking at my ass today? LOL

Jo said...

You said "Black artists spend about 45 minutes thanking God and kissing the platinum cross on their chest, after winning an award for a song full of curses." . . .Yep, you ARE back . . .and the interview, yeah, even non-sports fans could appreciate it . . .and Kenny Loggins - love the mood, love the mood . . .makes me miss our talks . . .welcome back maestro . .. it's good to have you back!