Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is going to come off as very insensitive, but I think I am safe within the confines of this here blog. ESPN really pissed me off last night with all of that coverage on Cory Lidle's tragic flight into an NYC building. I can understand that this is one of the few times when major news and sports intersect, and I can certainly understand to some degree that Cory played for the Yankees which increases the story tenfold. But I did NOT need to see 5 straight hours of coverage on this man, I mean damn enough is enough. First of all, ESPN and other news outlets went public with this story BEFORE Cory's family was notified which is a major no-no. Secondly, there were other people that died in this crash, and their names weren't known yet, and while that isnt a big deal, it still comes off as insensitive. And lastly..who the hell is Cory Lidle? He was an average pitcher at best, whose claim to fame was getting traded to the Yankees just a short time ago. I'm not saying that ESPN shouldn't cover his death, because it IS news-worthy. This was a plane crash in NYC, and given that we are month removed from the 5 year 9/11 anniversary, it definitely would shake folks up. But even on the major news outlets, they discussed this story hourly and then kept it moving. Even if ESPN had talked about it once an hour, I could deal with that. But 5 straight hours? That's overdoing it a bit. There really is no way to say that without coming off as a jerk, but from a journalistic perspective, I think that was overkill. I don't have a segue here, so I'll just abruptly go into my normal blog subjects.

I got off my ass this morning, and did my 3 mile run and it was a struggle. They say towards the end of a long, grueling run, the monkey jumps on your back, and it becomes hard to finish. That monkey was on my back about 5 minutes into the run, but I didn't stop and I struggled through it. Part of my run involves me being on the main street, and I am WAY to vain to let the cars and bus stop people see me struggling. So on the main streets, I would pull it together and run with perfect form and speed, only to do the EXACT opposite once I hit the side streets. It is sad that my ego is that big, but oh well. I run a mile to the track, a mile around the track, and then I run that mile back home. While I was about to start my final lap around the track, this man about 40 years old starts running RIGHT next to me. Now mind you, he had just gotten out of his car, stretched and jumped on the track; I was two miles deep at this time, and in no mood to race, plus I was tired. But I smoked his ass on the last lap, and then as I ran up the stairs and back home, he had the nerve to yell out, "You're done already?". I wanted to give him a big bowl of these, but I just gave him the thumbs up and kept it moving.

Oh, while I was running at this high school, I saw a sign that said class of 2010, and at that point, my status as an old man was cemented. 2010? When I was nine years old, there was movie out called 2010, which was a follow up to Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001. Back then 2001 seemed like some mystical place that was far off..and now I'm 31 years old seeing people pump up the class of 2010, and it makes me feel old man.

And finally I had a sex dream last night. As I mentioned before, in my 31 years, I can count my sex dreams on ONE hand, but last night's dream pushed it to two hands. I had a dream that I was in the living room of a friend of mine watching TV. She came up, swirled her tongue around and then in my ear. Then, she took my hand and asked me to put my finger in her (yeah this is TMI, but this is my blog, kiss my ass), and I did so ever so gently, then I pulled it out, then I woke up. I dont know why I had this dream, and I definitely have no clue why it was this particular person, but I ain't dwelling on it. Dreams like that happen ever so often I guess. That doesn't even really count as a sex dream though does it? who knows.

And now, a selection by Mr. Shakur.

I was able to find this story about Mr. Lidle. Very good:


Hannibal said...

when i heard the news i thought that's fugged..and given the history i guess the coach got his problem solved..sucky pitching gone..

Jo said...

Maybe he was a terrorist and knew all along he was going to fly into the building and that's why he wanted the journalist on the flight . . .it's a thought, you know . . .well, enough of my conspiracy theory . . .as for the dream, no, it doesn't count . . . it wasn't a "sex" dream, just a finger F&*%ing dream . . . you didn't get any . . . and sides, it only counts if you CUM . . .so, you are still on one hand . . .too bad for you . . .by the way, which friend was it? ;o)