Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For the first time in a LONG time I overslept this morning. It wasn't because of a hangover either, I just overslept and was a bit late to work. Sadly, no one even noticed me come in late..I at least wanted to be reprimanded or scolded or something. Nothing. On my way into work, I smelled a man smoking a pipe. I'm not the kind of man who would smoke a pipe everyday, but this is definitely something I'd like to do at least once a month. It smells sweet, and it just looks dignified, although i know too much of it will most certainly kill me. Perhaps I should stretch it to once every 3 months.

This past Sunday, my boy and I sat in Mayorga and had brunch. He did my taxes, we talked about various issues, and just had an overall good time. While we were sitting there on one of the couches, a woman right across from us was breast feeding. Now I've seen women breast feeding in public before, but they usually use a blanket to cover both the breast and the baby. This woman just whipped the breast out for all to see, and the baby was just sucking away. Of course her husband was sitting right next to her, so it wasn't that bad, but I couldn't turn away. I stole about 4 or 5 glances at the breast, which looked to be about a B cup. Not enough to cause a lot of attention, but enough to see that she had a breast out. She caught me looking one time, but she didn't seem to be too bothered. I found it odd that she'd be doing that in a coffee shop, but hey I've never breastfed, so I'm in the dark about such issues.

I spent about 2 hours talking to my dad yesterday, and as usual we had a great conversation. But man, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get off the phone with him. He never gets tired of talking, he rarely gets other phone calls, and when he does, he always tells the people that he would call them back, to get on the phone with me. If I'm at work and we're talking, I act like someone is calling me, and I get off the phone. So I end up having to abruptly end the conversation, and I feel guilty as hell, because there's this weird silence, and then he says, "ok i'll talk to later and I love you". Now by no means do I take my father for granted, and I love talking to him, but damn..after 60-90 minutes I am tapped out. I hope he's not reading this.

My main man Tony Kornheiser is now on the radio, so I'm ending this entry abruptly. So you're in good company Dad.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone - Brand Nubian


hadassah444 said...

I wonder if the husband saw you staring....

Jo said...

Dayum Rashad . . . finished with the taxes already . . .you sure are good - and organized. Kudos to you!